12.19.2019--Grace and peace to you in Yeshua's Name!

Welcome to Aligning Time & Destiny 2019. I've been reviewing last year's course and must say it's been ... eye-opening. It was a powerful course and I'm sad to say I allowed distractions to swallow up some of the personal work I did during this season last year. I also see some negative thinking and speaking Holy Spirit corrected in me this year, so it's not all negative. 
I'm excited to press in this session with greater focus and fewer external influences to take me off of my path. Thank you for being willing to journey with me and for allowing me to deliver Revelation and Wisdom for your Kingdom Path. And thank you for receiving from me.
I've made the decision this year to remain diligent in my spiritual work so that I can receive some big things from my Book. I gave up some things and some people in 2019 that I didn't really want to give up. But the fact is they weren't in alignment with the Purpose Elohim created for me. It was painful at the time, but I've learned to mourn and move forward into my destiny. Loved ones, I had to choose to exit my seasons of mourning and face the bigger picture. You'll have to do the same. It's an act of our wills. And whatever we decide is backed up in the spiritual realm - either by The Kingdom of God or the demonic realm. 

As obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance. 
~ 1 Peter 1:14 CSB

In this verse Peter is instructing us that as Sons of God, Heirs of Salvation and of The Promise, we should submit to The Father's Way of doing right and not continue in the ways of the world. The Gospel changes everything. At least it should change everything. When The Gospel is active in every area of our lives, every area experiences transformation. In areas of our lives that are no different than the world's system, The Kingdom of God is not active there. 
In this season, we're going to seek The Kingdom to receive the big picture of us - our Divine Destinies - to set a focus for The Kingdom to permeate our daily living and align us with His Original Blueprint going forward.

I ask that you engage with The Word and with this course each day by commenting on the post, attending the prayer session(s) and/or emailing me. I'm serving up this guide in service to The Lord and The Body to equip us for life as He planned it. He desires us to grow into maturity so that we're lacking nothing - spiritually or naturally. I know it's easy to sign up for a course, sometimes even pay for them, and then do nothing with the materials. But I don't want that for you or myself ever again. I want us to grow up so that we can pull others up and spread The Kingdom according to The Father's Will. I also want us so impacted by The Work of Holy Spirit in our lives that we cannot go backward any longer, cannot give up and cannot be talked out of our games by liars and accusers who want to keep us in the world's cycles. 
We are created for so much that many never touch. Let's set our wills right now for advancement, acceleration and to receive our inheritances in full. And let's do it together. Agreement and accountability are powerful forces that promote focus. 

I bless you in Jesus' Name.

Day 1 Mark 4:24 

12.20.2019--And He was saying to them, "Take care what you listen to. By your standard of measure it will be measured to you; and more will be given you besides." ~ Mark 4:24 NASB

​This is The Law of Increase. It's mentioned in Genesis 1 and shows up throughout The Written Word. Yeshua is telling us to pay attention to His Words. The Book of Proverbs should come to mind. In Proverbs we read too many times to count to give our attention to Dad's Words. Why is this repeated so many times? Because we're being taught how The Kingdom operates!

We become Kingdom citizens once we've entered into a voluntary relationship with The Father through Jesus. That makes us covenant people, heirs to salvation, fully alive and able to serve The King by occupying this natural world according to His Plans and Purposes. Each of us has a role to play in the advancement of His Kingdom on Earth - our Divine Destinies.

Living our Divine Destinies is predicated upon us understanding the world we live in. And because we have dual citizenship, we have to understand how two domains function. The world's system, which we're born into and trained for, is under a curse because of Adam and Eve's decision, therefore we need to exit that system spiritually in order to live Kingdom Life. Kingdom Life is life in a blessed system and we learn how it operates by reading The Holy Scriptures, meditating on them for understanding and by revelation.

In Mark 4 Jesus teaches Kingdom Principles and Laws. He always spoke about The Kingdom and how it operates because He was trying to pull us up to His level and out of this lower system of brokenness, lack, defeat, fear, sickness, etc. You could read Mark 4:24 this way:
"I'm telling you how The Kingdom works ... listen when I speak! If you study what I say and act on My Words, you'll be blessed and have abundance on top of that!"

That's why in verse 23 He said, "Anyone who has willing, interested and attentive ears, they'll understand what I'm really saying."

From now on when you read Yeshua's Words in The Gospels understand they're not merely stories. They're histories and a news flash from heaven that's blaring:
My Way is different! Do it My Way and win!

Back to The Law of Increase. Everything in The Kingdom increases positively. Everything. That's why when Elohim gave A & E The Dominion Mandate in Genesis 1:28 He included being fruitful and multiplying. That's what heaven does; it facilitates increase. Therefore, when God tells us to spread The Kingdom in any way it means to increase and to take it farther. 
As we press in to align ourselves with our Divine Timelines and Destinies for the days ahead, we must commit to give sufficient measure and attention to The Word of God. I ask that you take the following vow:
Today I choose as an act of my will to study The Word of God, to learn how The Kingdom operates and pursue my Divine Design and Destiny. I acknowledge that Jesus does things differently, so I exit the world's system and come fully under The King's Dominion which enables me to do what Jesus did and greater.

If you're uncomfortable taking this vow, don't take it. Read The Gospels, pray and allow Holy Spirit to answer your questions. No pressure.

If you're not living your Divine Design right now as a believer, consider that means you're trying to live in both systems. That doesn't work. It never has and never will. You cannot serve two masters. Believe me, I've tried. 

Living our Divine Destinies requires faith and taking territory. Faith accesses God's Grace and His Grace doesn't exist in the world. Territory gets taken in the world, but it's for man's glory which is really satan's glory. And truthfully territory taken in the world gets earmarked for the godly (Proverbs 13:22). According to The Dominion Mandate we're supposed to dominate this world for The Kingdom and we cannot do that if we don't rise up out of the world's system.
Believers often aren't living their Purposes because we get stuck in the world. We take jobs and rush to work five or six days a week, hope to see our families, get in debt, begin to hate our jobs because all we do is pay bills and hope to retire some day. Our Purposes aren't found down here. Our Divine Designs and Purposes are found in The Kingdom. Think about when Jesus entered the scene. He transformed regular, working fisherman into world changers by taking them out of the world's system and training them to live Kingdom Life.

Your Destiny is big and can't be accomplished through this low-level world system. You've gotta allow The Kingdom that's in you to come out and you do that by exiting the world's system by faith and confession. That's the reason for the vow.

If the world's system hasn't gotten you where you want to be yet ... try The Kingdom. You have to decide to stop hearing the voices of the world and hear Yeshua. Wherever you invest your life is the source of your harvest. The Kingdom or the world? The world loves to tell us 'no' but in The Kingdom, there's life and life more abundantly.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name. 

Day 2 1 Corinthians 2:9 

12.21.2019--But as it is written, No eye has seen, and no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.

​~ 1 Corinthians 2:9 NHEB

Let me say this again -- your Destiny is big!

The grandest scheme you, I or any human being could ever imagine doesn't even touch upon our Divine Destinies. Therefore we must make the mindset shift from world to Kingdom. Our Divine Destinies are revealed to our spirits by The Spirit of God. That's the next verse's (1 Corinthians 2:10) revelation. We cannot possess what Dad dreamed for each of us naturally until we first pull it out of heaven, which is inside of us already, by faith and through communion with Holy Spirit. This is where tongues/supernatural languages come in. Holy Spirit communicates with us spirit-to-spirit. You may think/assume/feel that a God Thought came to your mind, but He actually flicks your spirit and the thought rises up from your inward parts.

But to us God has revealed it through The Spirit. For The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:10

In verse 10, deep is bathē (pronounced bathie) in Greek and can be translated mysteries. So that clues us to go in search of other verses where the same word or concept is used. That leads us to chapter 14, verse 2:
If you speak languages that others don't know, God will understand what you are saying, though no one else will know what you mean. You will be talking about mysteries only The Spirit understands. 

I've said before and I truly believe that there are parts of our Destinies we'll never discover without praying in tongues. I say this because of 1 Corinthians 2:9 and 14:2. We need access to mysteries; to what human eye, ear and mind can't manifest or even comprehend alone. I also believe this because of personal experience. My life is different when I pray in tongues daily than when I don't. 

A few days ago matter of fact, sitting at my desk I realized I was wringing my hands. I said: Lord, I'm manifesting anxiety here. He said: Pray.

Have you ever attempted to pray when you're anxious? When you're stressed you can't really pray Biblically or in faith because the mind (emotions) is (are) captive by the demonic which is why you're manifesting outward signs of anxiety. You're too busy focusing on what's missing, explaining to God what you need, begging and trying to convince Him to answer instead of decreeing Promises with authority. You need tongues when anxious so The Helper shows up. 
Here are some Truths about tongues:

  1. Tongues is your spirit praying, not your human mind. 1 Corinthians 14:14
  2. Your spirit belongs to Holy Spirit and He legally prays through you because of Covenant Relationship. Romans 8:26
  3. It builds up your most holy faith. Jude 1:20
  4. ​And possibly most importantly -- tongues is a unique form of communication between you and The Lord, and the enemy has no idea what's being released to you. You can come out of a session of tongues healed, delivered and ready to prosper while completely bypassing demonic interference.

Tongues is a blessing and benefit for you so that God can get things to you in stealth mode. Yes, demons are watching with the intent to sabotage anything spectacular a believer wants to accomplish, but we're not fearful because we have ALL authority over them (Luke 10:19) and will win if we exercise that authority in FAITH. Think about this: It's nice to get moving on some projects with The Lord without demons realizing you've already started building. Operating in mysteries (in the godly spiritual realm) allows you to do that.

Here's an example from Yeshua's life. In Mark 1:10 Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove, The Father announced His identity and then He went into the wilderness for testing. The devil wasn't bothering Jesus except when His Divine Design as The Son of God who takes away the sin of the world was made public. His training - 30 years of it, was all completed satan-free. Also, we know satan was after Him when the star publicly announced His birth. But during those 30 years when He was building privately ... no harassment. Yeshua won every battle He ever faced because He was fully persuaded in His identity and had revelation of The Mysteries of God as a human on Earth. He lived out of His spirit, where The Kingdom resides. 
When we pray in tongues, we can build personal maturity in the spirit first, then shift things around for our benefit for natural manifestation and totally take territory right under the enemy's nose and without giving them an opportunity to hinder our foundations (as I was writing this, an angel came and stood near). That's a power move. It's something the world can't offer or duplicate. It's Destiny level.

The Lord reveals much in dreams, too, but when you're sitting at work and have a problem, you can pray in tongues but cannot take a nap.

Tongues is weirdy. I know. It's SO weird. But we decided yesterday that Jesus and The Kingdom do things differently and that we want to win so we're doing things differently from now on. 

What if you don't have tongues? Well, it's a gift and the only way to receive it is to ask and believe and then act on your faith. Everything in The Kingdom is received by faith. If you feel you've asked but still haven't received, get a list of verses that discuss receiving tongues and read them three times a day (or more) until your faith to receive is strong enough to pull it in. You have to be fully persuaded, no doubting, no wavering to receive ANYTHING from God. Faith comes by hearing The Word of God spoken out of your own mouth. You believe your own words more than anything anyone else ever says to you; that's how we're wired. 

And speaking of being wired that way ... each of us building our OWN faith determines if and how we receive from Dad. The woman with the issue of blood is perfect proof. All the people surrounding and pushing into and touching Jesus, but she was the only one who was fully persuaded about what touching Him would produce. Her faith was the only one real enough to put a demand on His Anointing and receive. He wasn't even aware the woman was in the crowd, but her faith flipped the switch and healing light came to her. This history was recorded so that we understood varying degrees of faith and to show us that we determine The Force of The Kingdom in our lives on Earth. Many will take whatever Jesus brings when He comes around (aka at church on Sundays), but one TOOK what she needed/wanted/was available (The Kingdom and all its benefits are available 24/7 365). 

That was a bonus and not in my original plan ... but to be a person of faith and live Kingdom Life, we have to understand The Written Word. Last reminder about tongues. Human eye, ear, mind cannot discover our Divine Destinies; they're revealed by The Spirit of God to our spirits. Think about an aspect of your Destiny that's been revealed to you but you're not living yet. How will you access God's Blueprint to make it happen? He knows the steps you need to take and He wants you to have that information so you can do what He created you for. You may think: I'll sit and pray and ask or I'll 'think' about a plan and work it. But if that was possible, wouldn't you already be doing that?

An example from my life is that I've had visions and dreams of speaking to stadium-packed audiences. Now those could be spiritual revelations meaning I'll touch tens of thousands of lives. But I've also had prophetic confirmations of speaking around the world and to large crowds. In my natural thinking I could make this happen by:

  • renting stadiums and planning to speak
  • visiting other nations and hosting events
  • buying thousands of dollars in advertising to get people to come

Are you getting me? It's not realistic without supernatural assistance. The amount of money it would take is mind-boggling from a natural perspective. Yes, ungodly people have done it but they've done it by tapping into something spiritual. Just may not be God's spiritual realm. Everything we believe and speak is backed up in the spiritual realm by either The Kingdom or the demonic realm.

The Mysteries of God are what get us access to Blueprints and they come through praying in the spirit. We saw in Jesus' life that when the revelation is made public, the enemy comes with a test to pull us to his team and hinder The Plans of God. We must pass those tests and we do that by being fully persuaded of our Divine Destinies. And our spirits become strong in faith through tongues.

​Let's pray.

Day 3 Ephesians 5:16 

12.22.2019--... redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

~ Ephesians 5:16 BSB

My book, Sanctifying Time, is one of the best books I've written. Possibly THE best ever. It gives revelation for understanding Time from The Creator's Perspective, leads readers in cleansing their Personal Timelines and teaches how to exercise dominion over time. I wrote it last year, then agreed with fear and demonic lies that I didn't have the experiential authority to publish a book on that topic. And even worser I went further and began declaring out of my own mouth that I wouldn't write any more books. Now I cannot locate the manuscript.
I mentioned already that one way to redeem time is to repent. We repent of not acting on a God-Given Opportunity, wrong thinking/believing, sin or any number of things. To repent means we stop doing what we were doing after acknowledging it's not righteous, and doing the opposite or going the other way. Let's say we were driving heading west, realize it's the wrong direction so we then turn around and head east, which is the right way. We did spend time driving the wrong way, but we recover that ground by turning around and heading in the opposite direction. We repent of wrong and redeem time by going back and doing rightly.

When redeeming time, recovering ground means taking territory -- and that's what God wants us to do ... take territory (dominate) for The Kingdom. In my example, the enemy kept the intended Kingdom territory I would've gained last year by publishing the book. As I repent, I have to face what happened that took me off of my path. That's going backward; not going backward to stay there or to fall into despair or condemnation, but to refortify to press ahead to write and publish. I'll redeem time and take territory of deliverance for myself and whomever reads when the book is fully published.
This matters because if we don't repent and go back and complete or address some things in the past, we'll get trapped in wrong cycles that will block us from progressing into Destiny. There are things (spiritual and natural) in our pasts that we can put under The Blood and move on from with no residue, of course. But there are other opportunities that are a part of a foundation for a next level that must be completed before promotion. And I've learned that God won't promote us until we've already demonstrated bringing something under dominion of The Kingdom. Meaning: If part of my Destiny is teaching five-figure audiences, I have to demonstrate to God that I can change the lives of four-figure audiences before promotion to greater (Matthew 25:20-21; Luke 16:10).

I'm sharing this because as El-ohim picks us up and places us where we need to be on our Personal Timelines, more often than not we're facing something from the past that has to be corrected. That makes sense because this is a season of reconciliation (the process of making consistent or compatible) between Time and Destiny. I wish that all reconciliation was completely comfortable, but it's not. Some things are going to feel sticky initially, but the deliverance will clear the way for promotion. Never fear what The Father leads you to. It's not like when the enemy's celebrating because they've captured you in a cycle of defeat. The Father is taking you to a place of freedom and victory, always. Stay in it and allow Holy Spirit to manifest power through you. 

In Ephesians 5:1-17 Paul is talking about The Kingdom and how it operates (just like Jesus 😊). We all have the verse about seeking The Kingdom first so that we receive memorized (Matthew 6:33), but we often miss The Kingdom for some reason and therefore we miss receiving what we want most and often need. That's over for us in this group. We acknowledge that The Kingdom is different and we're choosing to learn its ways so we can win and live as People of Destiny. The foundation of The Kingdom of God is found in Isaiah 9:6-7 HCSB: 

For a child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government will be on His shoulders. He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. The dominion will be vast, and its prosperity will never end. He will reign on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish and sustain it with justice and righteousness from now on and forever. The zeal of the LORD of Hosts will accomplish this. 

A Kingdom is defined as The King's Dominion and our King is Yeshua. Isaiah 9:7 tells us God's Dominion is vast - it is. It covers every area there's a believer present. It tells us God's Prosperity will never end - it doesn't and that should encourage you. Also, there's endless wealth to be created by humans; especially in partnership with Him (Deuteronomy 8:18). The foundations of The Kingdom are justice and righteousness - justice is the enacting and enforcing of God's Laws and it's each individual believer's responsibility to enforce His Justice in their realms of influence (Luke 10:19; Matthew 18:18). Righteousness is Jesus living His Life through us - He lives through us by Holy Spirit (John 14:17). See ... pray in tongues so Holy Spirit can operate through you in fullness!

With this revelation about The Kingdom, you may now possess EVERY Promise in The Written Word of God. You're welcome. Oh, wait! You have to believe it and respond to the revelation by acting as a believer does. Then you can possess every Promise. 

To recap:
Day 1 - We acknowledged that Jesus does things differently and exited the world's system in exchange for The Kingdom of God
Day 2 - We understand The Kingdom is inside of us, full of mysteries and the power needed to access Divine Blueprints
Day 3 - We repent of past missed opportunities and sins and seek to identify areas to redeem time and recover/take territory

I know this is a lot. Take a deep breath and let it all settle into your spirit. As I took the deep breath and gave attention to my spirit, I saw Holy Spirit building in me. He was increasing/adding to a structure with what looked like Lego bricks, and He was moving quickly - acceleration! I'll search for a vid on YT that represents something of what I saw.

I bless you in Jesus' Name.

Day 4 Hebrews 4:12 

12.23.2019--God's Word is living and active. It is sharper than any two-edged sword and cuts as deep as the place where soul and spirit meet, the place where joints and marrow meet. God's Word judges a person's thoughts and intentions.

​~ Hebrews 4:12 GWT

We learned yesterday that The Foundation of God's Kingdom is a system of laws based on Justice and Righteousness (Isaiah 9:6-7). During this season we celebrate Jesus' Birth as Christmas on December 25, and churches all over the planet read this section of The Word without spending time explaining that it's The Key to our overcoming. They do tell us that His coming to Earth is why we can be saved from Adam and Eve's curse, but they fail to address the governmental portion of His Life. 

The life of the Israelites in The Old Testament was a type and shadow of God's Redemptive Plan. He chose Abram and his descendants as a special people for Himself as vengeance toward satan for deceiving them into breaking covenant with Himself. They lived under The Law of Moses, we live under The Law of The Kingdom. Just as they had to obey His Laws as best they could through works, by faith we CHOOSE to honor Kingdom Laws to receive all of the protections promised in The Blessing. We have a greater Covenant and greater Promises because of Jesus and we can fully honor (not obey) these Laws because we are supernaturally equipped through Holy Spirit in us.

The human soul is the mind, will, emotions, intellect and imagination. When we die naturally, the soul dies; it cannot live apart from our bodies and minds. The human spirit is the eternal portion of us. Human spirits exist in heaven inside of El-ohim until conception and then they're placed into the fertilized egg in the womb. Everything that He created us to be is in the human spirit when He creates it. The human spirit never disconnects from God. It may become cloaked if we submit to the demonic but because it is a part of God, there's always an active link until natural death when the spirit goes to hell.

As far as spiritual maturity goes, our spirits can remain immature as long as we're alive and choose to disregard what's available to us. Maturing in spirit is simply a matter of giving proper measure to The Word of God (Day 1) through communion with The Godhead (Day 2). They must be involved. We hear sermons in abundance all of our lives as believers, we even read The Written Word but when we don't have The Promises manifesting in our lives, there's something missing and that something is the relationship. In right relationship They show us where we have wrong beliefs, where there's sin and all the other correction we need. In the relationship, we get revelation. There's enough Word out there that everyone in the world can be a billionaire, but Hebrews 4:12 comes in to play with believers. 
The Word is living and active. It has Power to change us, grow us and prosper us. Prosperity is all sufficiency in all things - mental, spiritual and physical.
The Word is sharper than any two-edged sword. In Revelation 1:16 we read that a sharp double-edged sword comes out of Yeshua's mouth. This is a picture of what happens when we say what He says. The Word is a weapon and cuts through what's standing in front of us in the spiritual realm. It's The Sword of The Spirit. Our words actually occupy space in the unseen realm; they're substance. Faith is the substance can be read as Faith is my WORDS (see my Creation List videos).

Stop saying things you don't want in your life. You have what say. Say what God says in every situation. EVERY SITUATION. Sick. Say I'm healed by Christ's Stripes. Broke. Say The Blessing of The Lord made me rich. Sad. Say I have joy in The Presence of The Lord. Mad. Say I'm angry in this moment but I don't sin. The Word has what you need. You need to receive it. 
One way Holy Spirit works through me is The Word of Knowledge. I give Wisdom daily to people in need and He downloads in the moment needed whatever verses address their situations. You have access to that, too, if you learn to love The Word. Do you know how valuable that is with all the brokenness in the world? Do you realize how valuable that is if you want to prosper? It's a manifestation of The Kingdom in my life. If you want the same, personalize and add Proverbs 15:23 to your Creation List.

The Word cuts between soul and spirit, bone and marrow. An oversimplification is to think of the soul as natural and the spirit as supernatural. If you're living in the world's system you're living from your soul. A believer living in the world's system gives The Godhead and The Word what's left and according to Malachi 3 that puts you under a curse. Don't get offended; I'm just giving you The Word. Living from your spirit seeks The Kingdom first. The Kingdom is your spirit's true home and it wants to be there so your spirit hungers and thirsts for The Living God and as a natural reaction is energized by The Things of God. That's how everything else gets added to you when you live spirit first. 

Now don't get religious. Religion says I have to go to church and read my Bible. God's Word judges thoughts and intentions, right? So if you're seeking The Kingdom out of religion, you disconnect from your spirit and go back to soulish living. The disconnect locks up the Grace pipeline. We cannot hide our thoughts and intentions from God or from any being in the spiritual realm.

God prefers us to say: Father, I know You say you supply all needs, but I don't have that. You say I'm already healed but I hurt. Those things can be said in a real relationship setting. And when they're said, He'll tell you what's going on and what to do. To be blunt: Whatever you don't have that The Kingdom provides (which is any and everything) you need to be speaking The Scripture that says you do have it. You have to say it whether you have it or not because spiritual people walk by faith not sight and faith takes when it prays. What you see is world system, what you believe is Kingdom. And technically it's already inside of you so if you look in your spirit you'll see what you need/want and therefore be able to speak that you have it and eventually possess it in this physical realm.

You may say: I don't hear The Lord. Stop saying that. You DO hear The Lord. Jesus said His sheep hear and don't follow others. If you say you don't hear Him, you just called Jesus a liar and caused the enemy to celebrate. You also have The Word. Everything He tells you can be confirmed in The Written Word. If what you 'hear' is contrary to The Word, it's probably your soul or the enemy and you have authority to reject the thought. For example, the day I was wringing my hands in worry. I said nope, this isn't Kingdom and I'm not gonna live like that.
You know ... it's sad that we allow ourselves to get desperate and have to cry out because that's the only way we're trained to muster up enough faith to get a miracle. In The Kingdom, every Promise is ALREADY yes and amen and all things are possible if we believe. The Kingdom changes everything. It makes us different. 

You'll often hear ministers ask if God can trust you as a prerequisite for promotion. That's a matter of integrity. What are your thoughts and intentions regarding The Kingdom? For The Word to manifest in your life, your thoughts and intentions need to be founded on God's Justice and Righteousness. Great news, though! We're The Righteousness of God in Christ and His Blood justified us, so as long as we make the decision to live out our Identity as believers based on what The Word says about us, we have an open door to victorious living.
It's not as hard as it may seem. It only seems difficult because we've been churched to live straddling the fence between the world and The Kingdom. The world's system is under a curse. We need out not to try and survive in it. I'm not saying to quit jobs and go into full-time ministry unless that's what you've been invited to do. And if He did invite you to do that, He'll provide the provision for that vision so you don't have to worry; just be sure to move according to your Divine Timeline. What I am saying today is:

You have to learn to hunger and thirst after Righteousness, after God's Way which is a different system. It's The Kingdom and all of its Benefits. The Kingdom System and Benefits are all found in The Written Word. And no matter how much I or anyone else preaches and teaches you, you have to take it for yourself.

And while I'm on the subject of being churched, here's a bonus for you. The demonic realm doesn't have more power than we do. Jesus has all authority (Philippians 2:9) and He gave us that same authority (Luke 10:19). The Lord told me since 2016 that the enemy couldn't stop me from doing anything unless I agreed with them and I finally get it. They are powerless to act directly against us without our agreement. I (you, we) may no longer use demonic opposition as an excuse not to possess all we've been promised.

​Go get your stuff and live your Destiny!

Day 5 John 14:26

 12.24.2019--But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send at my request, will teach you everything, and will bring to your memories all that I have said to you. ~ John 14:26 WNT

We've received quite a large amount of Word these past days, so today it's time to meditate on it. We have to take it in deep, let it get inside so we change. This is where it gets exciting! Sit with Holy Spirit and ask Him to seal everything that you've eaten from Days 1-4 and to release what's in your spirit that you need for this time in your Destiny. Remember ... your Destiny is big but don't be afraid.
​Have fun!

Day 6 Psalm 16:11

12.25.2019--You cause me to know the path of life; in your presence is joyful abundance, at your right hand there are pleasures forever. ~ Psalm 16:11 ISV

Today's verse is another clue to discovering and living our Destinies. Dad promises throughout The Written Word to share with us what we need to know to live Kingdom Life. As believers in Jesus and those in relationship with Him, we have access to all the revelation we desire ... and more. We've covered the topic of receiving revelation and not acting on it from the beginning because it's a serious problem in most of our lives. But for our Divine Designs and Destinies, we should welcome His willingness to direct us on the paths to success.

And for the record: We do not have to make mistakes to learn. This is another demonic lie that people love to spread. Mistake is often code for sin. Through Jesus we have access to Holy Spirit Power that allows us to live sin-free. If we desire to live that way, we will. We already know the enemy can't make us do anything; we have to submit to them by agreement for them to touch anything in our lives. This is why families need to be on the same page. If everyone in the family agrees you all walk in healing and divine health, everyone will. But if one person has a hidden fear of diseases, there's no agreement during prayer and The Law of Agreement won't have heaven's backup for manifestation.

If we're working to accomplish a Destiny-level goal and don't get it exactly right the first time, that's not a mistake. That's learning. Enough people in The Bible and in the world have made enough mistakes for us to look at their lives and choose by will not to do what they did if we don't want those types of results. One of the reasons I teach for spiritual growth is because I had a history of doing things the hard way. That's not my inheritance, I got tired of failing when I didn't have to and changed my mindset to asking for Wisdom and acting on it. Full disclosure I just hit this level of maturity in November. 😝😂😀

Leveling up is leveling up so I'm enjoying this life of Victory. I expect greater, too. And, I'm gonna pull some people up with me.

Meditate on Psalm 16:11 for continued revelation about your Personal Timeline and your Destiny. Write down what He shows you. He will give you visions and dreams, not only words. When He says 'show' He means show visually. Speaking of visuals, He'll use billboards, movies, art and anything necessary to get your attention to answer your request for more information. As the picture comes together, act on what He releases that can be moved on now. Regarding things for your future, hold them in heart and meditate on them like Mary did. But move out on anything you can do now. And remember: He didn't ask how much money you have to get it done. Did He?

I have a testimony for you. It might actually be a better the topic for next month's course on finances, but it should still encourage you. In October 2018, a single mom needed $70 to keep her phone from being disconnected. I found out about it and said I'd pay it. The $70 only kept it from being disconnected that day, she still had to pay another payment asap. I paid $250 on her Verizon account. And I wrote in my seed journal that I paid for this bill as seed so that my phone bill is always paid.

I used to get text notices for my bill and somehow at the beginning of 2019, I didn't get a text and supposedly missed a payment. I called and they said they could see I wasn't notified so they wouldn't disconnect me, but I needed to pay it right away. I prayed and asked according to my seed that the mysterious missing payment be supernaturally waived. I called back and the man said he'd check with a supervisor and get it waived because it was their misinformation. That was in February. In June the $120 showed up again and this time they disconnected me.

Again I prayed according to my seed, got it waived and got double data for 1 year so instead of 8 GB, I have 16 GB a month until June 2020. This month I placed a demand on my seed sown according to Law and someone has volunteered to cover my cell bill for six months. And I expect it to continue to be covered some way, because I sowed for it to always be paid in full every month.

My point in sharing this is when you exit the world completely and live under God's System, you level up in every area. I have the right to place a demand on my seeds based on Kingdom Laws and to receive manifestations.

Leave this world behind, dear ones. Give The Kingdom of God your full yes and let The Lord level you up.
​Be blessed!

Day 7 Ephesians 3:20

12.26.2019--But to Him that is able to do far exceedingly above all which we ask or think, according to the power which works in us.
​~ Ephesians 3:20 DBT

A part of 'pressing in' is continually seeking The Godhead for the answers you need. As you get in the habit of receiving answers, it'll take less and becomes easier. Your Destiny is stored in you, hidden in you for your benefit. As you build proper relationship with The Three, more and more will be revealed to you.

Enjoy this time of communion. Your spirit craves it and you need it for your Destiny.

Day 8 John 14:15

12.272021--If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.
​~ John 14:15 BLB

Love is not a feeling; it's a mindset that governs a lifestyle.

The Father is Love and He is constant, therefore, anything as unchanging, natural and temporal as feelings cannot be compared to His Essence. The world falls in and out of love with people and things; God and His Kingdom are the same yesterday, today and always (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8). 

I say it's a mindset because as humans, love isn't natural to us with the sin nature. The sin nature is a result of agreement given to satan by Adam and Eve, and that's how everyone is born into this world - a sinner, already contractually given over to satan. There's no love in satan as he is the father of lies (John 8:44) who comes only to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). I also say it's a mindset because as we think in our hearts, that's our essences; that's who we are and we live according to what believe ourselves to be and capable of doing and becoming (Proverbs 23:7).

We have to choose as an act of our wills to see the difference in The Kingdom of God and this worldly system. We have to choose to believe what Jesus did, and then commit treason against satan to exit his kingdom and enter The Kingdom of Heaven. We have to choose to allow Holy Spirit in us to mature us in Dad's Ways which we learn about in The Written Word. As we study and meditate on The Holy Scriptures, we begin to understand His Character and if we're studying with proper measure we begin to see that it's His Love Letter written for us as The Body and individually. 

I remember back in 2011 when I was writing my first 'O Lord' Devotionals and I wrote in the margins of my NLT that it seems like this Book was written just for me because it addressed so much of my life. I heard Holy Spirit clear as day say, "I did write this just for you." And it's written just for YOU, too. Everything you need starts there in those pages.

In John 14:15, commandments, or commands depending on the version you read, can be replaced with Spiritual Laws. Jesus is saying to us:

If you love me, you'll honor The Laws of My Kingdom.

The way Grace works, which is a part of our New Testament Covenant, is that we don't have to do anything - apart from accepting Jesus as Savior by believing and confessing to skip hell at death. So don't think of commands as in The Ten Commandments (plus the more than 600 other laws of The Torah) which you could die from breaking. They would actually physically die breaking any of the Laws back then, if someone chose to enforce them. We die spiritually first. Not completely, but in bits that weaken our faith and strength to fight off the enemy when we dishonor or fail to learn to operate in Spiritual Laws as NT Saints. And sometimes physically. 

The Kingdom is all good. None of the bad stuffs that we experience in life comes from God's Kingdom. None of it. God's NOT trying to teach you or get your attention by harming you in any way. He doesn't even take bad things away from you; you have to choose to give it up as an act of your will; you can do ALL things with His Help. The Godhead don't have physical bodies on Earth so they have no authority to act without human agreement. This is the same for demons. They can't hurt you unless you agree by word, thought or deed (Luke 10:19). That's why when you're testing a spirit, they should admit that Jesus Christ came in the flesh (1 John 4:2). If Jesus hadn't come in the flesh, He would not have had authority to act on this planet that was originally given to men. That's why God called Abraham and set Him apart ... to work out His future plan for our salvation. That's why genealogies are listed in The Bible - to prove Abraham's Covenant with God through his human bloodline all the way down to Jesus, Our Redemption. Demons don't want to admit He came in the flesh because it forces them to bow to His Authority which has been given to us (VIDEO).

Do you understand that by living our Destinies, which can only come about by honoring Spiritual Law, is how we show Jesus we love Him? He commanded us to believe in God and also in Him (John 14:1). We have a horrible time believing The Lord. It's sad. We believe for salvation, which we can't really measure, but we refuse to believe Him for things you can measure such as tongues, Divine Health, extraordinary prosperity and whole-house salvation. And we really fight believing Him regarding finances. Sowing and reaping is a guaranteed investment, and yet believers stay broke instead of sowing seed and testing Him as is an option when we're learning to trust Him for financial harvests.

I know sowing and reaping works. I live by it because I don't like to work myself into the ground making other people rich off my labor. BUT only this year do I believe Him for millions and billions of dollars because I understand the role of a marketplace minister which is my Destiny. For years I thought I was a marketplace minister because I was Christian business. Nope. My role is to make millionaires and as others prosper from my service, I prosper. And it took me asking questions to understand my role. I asked Holy Spirit why is that when I pray for a business, give them strategies and Wisdom they prosper but I have to do twice as much to make a sale in my own business. He laid it out for me that I'm working for Him not for them. If they receive my help and prosper, they'll either pay me well or He will. Sometimes I almost don't want people to pay because He pays better anyway. And if they don't pay, that puts them under the category of the wicked and I can call in their wealth to myself by Spiritual Law.
Let me lay out what I'm trying to communicate here in case you got lost in my exposition. Living your Destiny includes your prosperity because you can't fulfill your Kingdom Role without provision for it. I can invest time teaching The Body because I have knowledge of and am performing the work I was created to do. I'm taking territory from the enemy in both realms. Businesses are paying me which brings money into The Kingdom and souls are being delivered and spirits are growing which gives believers greater dominion to destroy the works of darkness. Your Destiny will have you taking territory in Jesus' Name. Go get it!

Day 1: We're doing things God's Way which is totally different than the world's system. We have changed our minds and chosen to learn and operate in The Kingdom of God.
Day 2: Our Destinies and all Kingdom Benefits are already inside of us and we need Holy Spirit's Help to pull out what we require and desire. Tongues is a fantastic method for receiving from El-ohim without demonic interference.
Day 3: We want to be in right standing with The Father concerning our Destinies and portions of it that we've missed so far. We don't want anything blocking us from being supernaturally placed where we should be on our Personal Timelines for the start of 2020.
Day 4: The right beliefs, thoughts and intentions are necessary for receiving from The Kingdom of God. That's being set apart from the world ... the world'll give you anything for the right price. The Father gives us everything with the right heart attitude because right price has already been paid.
Day 5: The Written Word has everything we need and it must be our foundation. Many times we hear Holy Spirit and He's giving us The Word, but we don't realize it and therefore don't realize it's Him leading us. He Promises we'll hear words behind us saying this is the way (Isaiah 30:21) and He is faithful. He's with us, in us and powerful. All we have to do is give Him proper measure in our lives.
Day 6: Dad wants us going in the right direction. We're alive because we have a role to perform in His Kingdom Plan. He's never going to withhold information from us. There are too many Promises in The Word that decree He legally has to answer us when we're honoring The Law that states He must tell us what we need to know.
Day 7: I hope you've taken time to imagine the grandest life you could ever live. It makes Dad happy when you dream because He created you as a dreamer. It also makes Him happy because He's got even greater than what you imagined available for you if you want it.
Day 8: We honor Spiritual Laws, we don't obey them as in have to. I mean, technically we have to if we want to reap the legal benefit. It's like that in life, though. We honor the speed limit because we want the protection of not getting pulled over and not being ticketed. For God's Laws, we honor them because they produce His Glory in our lives. The difference is: obeying the speed limit protects us from the bondage of paying the city money. Honoring God's Laws gets us access to the extravagance of Heaven including the legal right to live our Destinies with joy, peace and abundance. Natural laws often keep us from things; His Laws give us everything. 

If I've been too blunt with you, I ask for Grace. I don't apologize because I'm winning now that I have this Truth, and it's betterer. I have solid faith. I'm not afraid. Not afraid of loss. Not afraid of the enemy. I can overcome sadness or depression or anxiety that try to creep in. I have authority that binds the enemy effectively and victory in more areas of my life than I've had at one time ever before. And it's all because I have left the world behind and am Kingdom-minded for real.

Look at last year's course. I was whining back then. If you look at this year, it's all authority. I'm not playing games by giving the enemy credit because I know how to win. Not pridefully, but legally. I believe I laid out enough of a foundation for you so you can live in The Kingdom, too.

Day 9 2 Peter 1:3

12.28.2019--According as His Divine Power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who has called us to glory and virtue.
​~ 2 Peter 1:3 KJ2B

This is one of my faves. I go to this verse when I need to do something I'm not formally trained to do. And this year I've learned to meditate this verse to receive additional revelation about my Destiny.

For years I've heard Faith Preachers say, "It's already done; Jesus did it all. It's inside of you. Everything you need, you already have." I didn't understand what they meant for the longest time. I began to understand when I stopped trying to receive of The Kingdom while doing things according to the world.

I mentioned already believers who are living in both systems give The Godhead and The Word what's left. God doesn't play that. With the measure we give to Him and His Word, that's the measure we'll receive. However, positive increase is only a benefit of The Kingdom. The Kingdom, founded on Justice and Righteousness and governed by Love, doesn't do seconds. When The Kingdom is a priority, The Kingdom begins to make sense and we realize how easy it is to live out because Jesus already did the hard work to make it possible.

Everything we need is truly inside of us. God is a Father. He didn't drop us on Earth without resources. On the contrary, He deposited the resources in our spirits so that the more intimate we become with Him, the easier it is to pull out what's needed daily and for Destiny. We and this planet are fully equipped for our perfect sustenance. Just like in The Garden of Eden, but it's up to us to make it so naturally and not only potentially.

The more cluttered our souls are, the harder it is to pull out what we need. This is because God doesn't like to waste. Our souls aren't able to handle The Glory, but mature spirits can. Our souls are affected by what we see, hear and do. The enemy can influence our souls (mind, will, emotions, imagination, intellect) fairly easily until we train ourselves to live fully out of our spirits. Holy Spirit resides in our spirits so the enemy doesn't want to go there. Holy Spirit will guard our souls as much as we allow (1 Corinthians 10:13), but we still have to overcome temptations by an act of our wills. As we renew our minds (by The Word) faith and deliverance spring forth, our souls get free from strongholds and The Kingdom increases in and through us. 

For meditation: Set yourself before The Lord and enter His Presence as you normally do. Tell Him you believe His Divine Power has given you everything you need for life and godliness and by faith you're accessing it for today. When you get what you need for today, pull out revelation for your Destiny.

Be blessed!

Day 10 Ephesians 2:6

12.29.2019--For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus. ~ Ephesians 2:6 NLT

Hallelujah and praise to The Lord! Thank You, Jesus, for another season of soaking our souls in The Word and for the wonderful manifestations in store for us. 

Thank you for journeying with me. I believe your spirit has received enough revelation for Kingdom Life change to align with God's Plans for you. If you have questions, I'm always available by email at zaribanksinc@gmail.com. If you have my number, you can text me. This course is here for you to review over the year as needed.

I invite you to sow into what you've received. No pressure, of course. And if you believe you can't afford to sow, that's an area for you to decree differently so that you have all sufficiency in all things (2 Corinthians 9:8). Also, Yahweh Yireh gives seed to sowers, so if you truly have a desire to sow, He'll place it in your hand (2 Corinthians 9:10). I'm a witness of this because I sowed $1000 seeds in parts for a couple years while declaring I'm a $1000 seed sower before I was able to sow it in full. And the first year I sowed one, I sowed 3 that year so I know I can sow at least $3000 in $1000 chunks every year now.
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​Be exceedingly blessed! Love you!

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