Adonai bless and prosper you, Saints!

The prophets are dreaming, Saints. At least I am. This is four prophetic dreams in a week for me. That high number confirms Yahweh's movement in this season to make corrections amongst these out of control politicians. HalleluYAH!

It seems the prophets have released more named judgments of church, world and political leaders than in a long time. That should clue us in to the state of things in this season.

Lauren Again


Dreamed about Lauren Boebert again this morning. This time she was alone, though.

I dreamed about Lauren Boebert and Majorie Taylor Greene today. Throughout various dream segments both their names came up in conversations. I don't know much about either but I know it's an opportunity to intercede from them. I heard a few months back, Marjorie made a chunk of money with advance stock information, which I believe is illegal...

I just noticed this afternoon that gas went up from $3.55 the last time looked to $4.49. That's quite a jump. This is totally ridiculous and demonic when our nation is oil rich.

NY Governor


Manipulation messes with your mind/soul and can be sorcery if it gets to your spirit. That NY governor should've known not to stand up and proclaim Jesus wants people to get vaccinated. She needs prayer so she only loses her position and nothing else.

Several weeks ago I was introduced to our ministry angel, Carol. When we were getting to know each other, she informed me that I needed to dedicate some of my prayer time to the ministry so that she can do what needs to be done in service. Angels move according to The Word of Yahweh (Psalm 103:20). When I'm praying in by The Spirit with a focus on ...



I've been praying this since the evening of January 6, 2021. It was birthed out of a day of fasting and tongues for our nation. I'll continue to pray it until Holy Spirit leads me in the next direction.