Shana tova, dear ones! Blessed New Year!

​I'm more excited about this year than any before because I'm starting a new year with an increasingly healed timeline. I'm walking out my Psalm 139:16 schedule instead of running behind, playing catch up from being out of alignment with God's original design for my life. This is exciting. And it feels good.

Switching gears for a minute. This is a PSA. I realize that life in America is much about me, myself and I, but God has need of us in this generation. He needs us every generation, but we've failed Him up to this point. Seriously ... it's nobody's fault but believers' that our nation is such a mess. We fell for that separation of church and state nonsense, which isn't Biblical, nor is it historically accurate for this country and we're paying the price. So, now, if you have any concern for God's agenda - which supersedes all - watch this video and begin praying regularly for our nation. Otherwise, praying may no longer be an option for us.

Trump Delivers Prophetic Warning to Christian Leaders

Back to 5779 ... I started learning and honoring God's calendar (which is completely laid out in The Bible) almost seven years ago. It's changed my life. God created time, sanctified it and made it holy (Genesis 2:3). It's one of the reasons, we're not supposed to waste it and why it's valuable - holiness adds value and requires certain care. I'm giving you parts of my new book - Sanctifying Time - here on accident. 😆 Anyway, God's calendar was created with a cycle of blessing and principles intertwined, and when we acknowledge it, we come out delivered and victorious. Witness.

Two years ago, during the new year season (it's about 3-4 weeks) God took me into another realm and showed me some aspects of time. It was fascinating and exciting and it freaked me out so I didn't pursue greater understanding of it. In the encounter I was in what looked like a galaxy of stars - think of when Lena Horne's singing up in the sky in The Wiz. Then windows, all different shapes, sizes and kinds, became visible and I heard, "These are the Windows of Time." You could open a window and see the past, present or future or enter into one of those windows to pull things between the times. I know: wild. 

I'm not afraid of time anymore because as my timeline gets more and more healed, I'm able to exercise greater dominion over time. And that's amazing authority because we know in this life there are things we need supernatural assistance so they happen 'in time' and 'at the right time,' and dominion makes those things possible when they wouldn't be otherwise.

I always spend this new year season with The Lord, pulling down massive amounts of revelation. It's awesome because He opens heaven during this time because He's always planned for us to seek Him at a new beginning/a start and get the divine blueprint for what's ahead. Can you imagine if we'd continued with this process centuries ago instead of allowing the ways of man to take over our lives? Talk about bringing The Kingdom to earth ... we'd have a whole lot more of it today than these little piecemeal bits we have to fight for. We'd have more immediate healings. Less fear in The Body of Christ.

SN: I don't understand why we're so afraid of offending people when we have all the power? Well, it's 'cause we don't have power. We don't know God's principles and so we're weak on a large scale instead of mighty. Sad.

Anyhoo, over the next several weeks, I'll be praying in tongues, fasting, communing, reconciling, sowing, receiving revelation, getting delivered, finishing up the book, planning my Disney World vacay, preparing for the conference and all the other work I do.

If you're not living your Psalm 139:16 timeline, or not sure, or didn't even know you had one, I invite you to come to #SY5779 October 20, 2018 so you can get some deliverance work done that'll set you right. I've shared before that when my timeline was misaligned and under demonic control, by legal right they were able to sabotage dates that God had ordained for me to do and receive some things. I don't like missing out and am not any longer. You don't have to miss out on what God has for you either. You also don't have to spend your entire life playing catch up. You really can align with God's timing. Witness. 

Let's pray:
Lord, I praise You for investing the time to write out my life in a book. I thank You for access to its pages, wisdom, resources and angelic assistance to live my original design. I also honor You for being a magnificent Editor. Thank You for grace and mercy. I bless You for loving me enough to write such a majestic story. You did good. And I trust You. I look forward to many more days of adventure with You. Love You. Amen.
P.S. Thank you so much for agreeing with me in prayer about the things I share here. I'm honored that you take the time to, not only read, but utter my name and needs before The Lord. It's humbling. I bless you in Jesus' Name and authority. Happy & Blessed New Year 5779!

From Home (feels so good to write this ... and to be here) © Copyright Zari Banks, Inc. 2018