5780: Proverbs 7


8 Tishrei 5780 - The Year of the Mouth

As you read The Logos this year, take note of the mentions of mouths, words, speaking and saying. During this Pey Decade, you will have what you say with decreased manifestation times, so speak The Word only. Which, as a believer, you should've already been doing from the moment you accepted Yeshua and began reading The Written Word.
Proverbs 7

  1. In verse 1 we're told to keep The Father's Words. His Words are life-giving and have creative power. Solomon is literally telling his son to keep his words, but spiritually speaking we must keep El-ohim's. Keeping God's Words and commandments is a theme that runs from beginning to end. Yeshua said in John 14:15 that if we love Him, we'll keep His Commandments (Words) and He'll love us and manifest His Power for, with and through us.
  2. Verse 3 instructs us to write His Commandments on the tablets of our hearts. How do we write on our hearts? They're not paper, after all. In The Kingdom our hearts are our human spirits; our authentic selves which are visible to everyone in the spiritual realm. In the unseen realm, we have words written all over us. We want only God's Words written on us, defining us and directing our actions. We make this happen by saying what The Father says about us. We know God's Words have creative power so when we say what He says, the Words become tattooed on our spirits calling things that are not as though they were and building up our spirits with Faith for manifestation in the natural, physical realm. It's true many of us have wrong words tattooed on us from what we and others have declared about us. Praise God, The Blood of Yeshua can erase anything The Father hasn't ordained off of your spirit in an instant.
  3. Verse 21 reminds us of the power of speech to persuade, that a lack of God's Wisdom stored up and without solid Faith structures built up in our hearts (spirits) we can be deceived. What does that bring to your mind? The Garden of Eden, perhaps?
  4. In verse 24, we're told to listen AND give attention to the words of Dad's Mouth (Hebrew: pey, 80). Hearing causes faith to come. But the type of hearing required is constantly hearing His Words, speaking His Words ourselves and making an effort to understand what His Words mean. Understanding what El-ohim's Words mean requires us to have mental pictures form in us that we can take hold of firmly enough that we're not dissuaded by outside stimuli. Have you heard that if you can see 'it' you can have it? That's what it means to understand His Words. Without a mental image, you don't have understanding.
Why does connecting God's year with what we read in The Word matter? It matters because those concepts that match up are empowered during that season. We will perish without prophetic revelation, and knowing where God is designating His Power in any season is crucial to our living in Victory.

I pray something here blessed you. Ha'shem Yeshua!

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