7 Days


Shalom, shalom, loved ones!

I have so many testimonies to share I don't know where to begin. Before I share one, I have a schedule for resources. It's as follows:

Mondays: video 

Tuesdays: video

Wednesday: prophecy post - that's this right here.

Thursdays: video

Fridays: video

As I've been sharing everywhere, living spirit led (Romans 8:14) has brought the most wonderful intimacy with The Godhead. As a result my spiritual senses are heightened, I've leveled up and my victory (authority and dominion) have increased. Woot, woot!

About two weeks ago I went to Heaven's Court of Records and asked for my next Assignment. I was told it's my ministry. Being who I am, I preceded to explain that there are PLENTY of ministries and ministers out there, that many have died and gone to Heaven and come back or who have 'gimmicks' (something amazingly supernatural) that get them noticed. I was then told, my ministry was written about in Heaven so I can't just lay it down or work it on the side. 

So, I repented of disobedience and for thinking and speaking that my ministry was less than. That night I prayed in tongues all night in my sleep. I still dreamed but I could hear my spirit praying in my prayer language in the background all night. I knew Holy Spirit was working something for my great. I woke up, went to work, was called into a meeting and informed that my project was ending June 20. Then, I realized that's what Holy Spirit was preparing me for all night. I texted my top two intercessors - Patti Cake and Selena. They both told me God already had it worked it. They ain't neva lied ... He was pulling a Yahweh Sneaky on me, for real.

Patti asked me questions about what I wanted to do next, what kind of schedule I wanted, the pay, etc. And, then she noted that I could do some of the ministry things I want to do with the time off. Then, she said, we could do some of the ministry things we used to do together during the time off. By the time we finished talking we had a whole ministry plan laid out. See what Dad was doing? 

I said yes, of course, because I had this huge opening and had been prepared in the spirit. I already had all the nonprofit information because I've started and stopped the process a few times over the years. I didn't want the government restrictions and interference of a 501(c)3 so when it came to checking that box about refraining from political whatever, I ran. The Body of Christ is The Governing Body of Jesus on this Earth and in this nation and I'm firmly against giving up my right to political speech to be tax deductible. But, praise Yahweh, last year I found out about 508 nonprofit Faith-Based Organizations that don't submit to the political restriction so I was ready to go.

Next day I stepped into God's Realm and asked to see my ministry book. If I was gonna do everything Patti and I had dreamed up, I wanted to see if Heaven would back it. My book was presented and I read the first page:

*Travel - so I'm not stationary; confirmation of 2016 prophetic word

*Faith - Yep! I live by faith. As a single mom I had to; confirmation of 2013 prophetic word

*List of Names - people who will serve or work with the ministry in some capacity were listed

*Nations - nations that I will minister to or in were given; many confirmed from 2015 prophetic word, but some new

*Funding: If you build it, they will come. - That was literally written in my book in Heaven. I said, "That sounds like the movie 'Field of Dreams,' Lord ... please confirm." 

Check my video channels for the confirmation I received. It was funny. The Lord's hilarious. This trip to see my book was June 12. On June 13 I presented this information to my Sunday afternoon prayer group and asked them for agreement. June 14 I received two seeds toward the nonprofit establishment fee. From those two seeds I tithed to Israel (first to The Jew) and sowed an equal seed to another man of faith and told my seed its assignment was to harvest all of the money needed for the attorney. I had it in hand Friday, June 18, 2021. 

Sixteen dollars sown June 14 harvested $2437.90 on June 18, 2021. The law office was closed and we had trouble with the website that afternoon. We left a message and they called us to help with payment Monday. Seven days. For full provision of a vision that is backed by Heaven. And technically, I harvested the provision in four days - June 14 to 18. 

This is why we're to be spirit led. Even though I'm an author and sell books, I'm not a great saleswoman in the natural. Honestly. I sow and speak my book sales into existence; and I praise God for those methods because they work. I don't have confidence in my fundraising skills either. Matter of fact, I've tried unsuccessfully in years past to raise the funds for a nonprofit attorney and cpa (which we also have). This time, I had a promise in my Psalm 139:16 book of ministry that I used as a key to unlock the funds. In seven days. 

What The LORD has done for me, He will do for you. But, He will also do greater because He's able. Work your faith. I sure work mine.

© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed