A Curse


Please disregard the foolishness of this post and focus on the spiritual thread.

Here's the spiritual thread. When a negative SAME THING happens again in another year, on the same day that's an active curse. Or blessing if it was something good happening again, on the same day, in another year.
I've been cleansing and sanctifying my and a few others' timelines this year of demonic junk; addressing days, months and seasons when the enemy has popped up to cause problems again and again. I just did some cleansing last night, matter of fact.

One of the reasons God's calendar is so powerful is because it's built with supernatural blessings attached to it. God creates us with the intention of our lives being lived in a constant cycle of increase. Yes, we all have setbacks, but they're not meant to become embedded in our souls or spirits or to have the enemy come in and lock us into places of decrease and stagnation.

That's the ideal, of course. In truth, we get stuck. The woman above is an example, and I'm a prime example - historically my Marches, Novembers and Decembers had time curses. At least I was an example. I'm getting more and more breakthrough all the time. And you can, too. So many times we realize we're caught in demonic curses/cycles, but don't know how to get free. We try to cast out and identify various demons and this and that, but only get temporary relief instead of full deliverance.

Cleansing and sanctifying time is actually legal work done in The Court of Heaven, and Jesus already has all the information so we don't have to worry about what demon we agreed with that signed the contract that's got us stuck. We just present the case based on God's desire that our Divine Timelines be manifested as He desires (Psalm 139:16) and then we appropriate Jesus' finished work on The Cross to get set free. It's amazing.

Look back over your life and at your immediate family. Read through your past journals if you still have them. If you can pinpoint repeats in your life and family line that you haven't been able to break free from even though you've tried again and again, you've most likely identified a curse on time. It could be a curse on age - such as families in which everyone gets in a life-changing accident at age 23 (years are a measure of time, name of demon not required). It could be months of the year like in my case - 25% of my annual life open for free-range demonic devouring (months are a measure of time, name of demon not required).

If you'd like more assistance with time-related deliverance I have some mentoring sessions available - email me at info@zaribanks.co. Mentoring means I'll assess, advise and assist in the process as you take authority for your life. I cannot do all of the work for you because it will not last in cases like that. This is something that believers often get terribly wrong, and as a result, don't experience sustained freedom. Yes, God will set us free when we ask AND implement His principles, but everything requires some type of life change on our parts to maintain what God has delivered us from and to. The life change part has to be all you. I can walk with you as you implement ... and pray for you. But, you have to do the work to win.
If you're not interested in investing in mentoring services, I have a book - Sanctifying Time - that you can preorder, that will give you a framework for cleansing and sanctifying your Divine Timeline. 

If all you want is prayer ... let's pray:
God of Time, I lift up those seeking prayer for the aligning of their Divine Timelines written about in Psalm 139:16 with Your Original Design. I bless them to seek You diligently and in faith to receive the revelation, strategies, tools and wisdom to locate demonic markers and get freedom from them. I declare this by faith in Jesus and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen.

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