A Word in Season 1.5.2020


8 Tevet 5780

Today The Spirit of God spoke that:

We shouldn't be surprised if we see 22 often even though it's the Gregorian year 2020. This year, 22 represents The Double Portion so when you see 22 in addition to 20, give thanks and praise that your portion is bigger.

After they had crossed over, Elijah said to Elisha, "Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken away from you?" "Please, let me inherit a DOUBLE PORTION of your spirit," Elisha replied. ~ 2 Kings 2:9

I declare The Double Portion for 2020 over your life for those who have entered into covenant with me by sacrificial seed to this ministry.

The Double Portion: This is a measure of abundance, two times or more. Elijah has seven recorded miracles in The Written Word, Elisha has 14 under The Double Portion Anointing. On December 23, someone sowed $300 in cash to me and then sowed another with a credit card. That's a Double Portion manifestation. Recently someone bought me a bottle of the coffee creamer I like, then a couple days later bought me another one. That's a Double Portion manifestation. You'll know it's active for you when you begin receiving two of something (two times, twice as much).

Separate from what The Lord spoke to me today but related, 22 represents passing a test when interpreting dreams and visions. I'll be speaking about this more in an upcoming video, "3 Things About Testing" which you can find on Ztv later this month. When The Double Portion activates for you, that means you've passed a test and tapped into it.

***Add a Double Portion declaration to your Creation List if you have one.