Grace and peace to you in Yeshua's Name!

A few weeks ago I started calling in $10,000 and focusing on seeing it by Faith. If you can see something internally, you can manifest it naturally. I meditated and decreed to build my Faith and receive the image. Then, I got several Holy Spirit reminders that have helped me possess Promises in the past. I'm going to share some here.

First, when building Faith for an "impossibility" I ask for it according to The Word. In this season, because of the abundant level of wealth transfer readily available, Isaiah 45:3 came to mind - The Lord will give me treasure hidden in secret places. Money/wealth is being moved rapidly around the world, but much of it is moving in dark places. As a believer, I have the legal right to possess hidden treasure so I asked for it.
​Second, I meditated on this request and The Promise until I had a picture of what I desire. My picture was of a check so I made one up to keep in front of my eyes and remind me that it's on the way. 

Now, I worship and give thanks until I have the $10,000 in hand. How long will it take? Depends on my Faith. Faith overrides Time and releases Divine Manifestation. Faith silences and outlasts the enemy. Faith makes everything possible. 

If you're bold enough to ask and build Faith to receive $10,000, go for it. Print this check and write your name on it. Build your Faith. I'm sharing my picture with you so you're already seeing what's possible. The purpose of Vision is to give you direction. Next, all you have to do is meditate on what you desire and The Word with thanksgiving and worship until you receive.

How long do you have to focus on it and thank Yahweh? Depends on your Faith. Faith supersedes Time. How do you build Faith? By hearing The Word (Romans 10:17). I used this strategy for a need beginning in February of this year. I prayed and asked for it, and I received The Vision. Then I continued to decree it with thanksgiving. I made up my mind I would continue thanking for 18 months if I had to because I'd already seen myself with manifestation twice (once in a dream). Kenneth Hagin, Sr. said if you decide to stand for as long as it takes to receive from God, it won't be long at all and you'll have it. So that's the mindset I adopt when seeking to receive from Yahweh. 

It took two and half months to receive manifestation. That's nothing when asking for something impossible. Is it worth it to you to thank and worship for two and half months to receive $10,000? Is six months worth it? Twelve? Yes. Especially if you work an hourly wage job, have a big project you'd like to complete or debt to pay off. And, our God is willing to meet us according to Faith. We can have anything we want and need if we're willing to step into The Realm of Faith founded on The Word of God. 

Looking forward to testimonies from those who are bold enough to ask and believe. I bless you in Jesus' Name.

UPDATE 4.25.2021--Well, I'm here with the testimony. It took just around 10 months and not only did I get the $10,000 I got more because my Father is El Shaddai, The Many-Breasted One, The GOD of More Than Enough, The Ephesians 3:20 GOD! Yes and amen. Also, the same person who sowed this to me, sowed $2,000 to my son. I opened a new giving account and I'm paying car payments for single parents beginning May 1st!! Hallelujah!

Take that spirit of religion. Yahweh's sitting in Heaven laughing at you. And every doubter out there, especially the one who said I sound like the 'name it, claim it' pastors from the 70s, I'm sorry that demons are keeping you in bondage. I pray you meet Jesus and walk out the rest of your life in true freedom because that's what He gave His Life for.

Now, Saints, keep loving and serving, Jesus and others, and He'll take care of the rest. Witness.