10 Years


I realized earlier today that 10 years ago at this time I was homeless, living in my 2002 Honda Civic and had lost custody of my only child. Yeshua, my Deliverer and Salvation, has brought me a long way since then. 

I was cooking, listening to DayStar TV and making declarations of faith. Yes, silly, I was standing in the kitchen yelling my position in Yeshua Messiah and telling demonic spirits that they're losers. I was laughing at them like my Dad does (Psalm 2) and even reminding them of times when Jesus laughed at them during various heavenly encounters. I know most of The American Church is more afraid evil spirits than they should be, but I am not and I like to let them know. I'm not going to agree to be a sitting target for the enemy when I have so much in The Written Word and Holy Spirit in me to overcome anything they pull.

I can already hear you religious scaredy cats saying, "You'd better be careful; challenging the enemy like that." No, sin, ignorance and not believing Jesus are what causes fear of a lesser enemy and those types of words to be spoken. Yeshua already defeated them. He doesn't run from them, He already spoiled them to the point that they can't ever recover (Colossians 2:15). All I have to do is walk in holiness, righteousness and serve and worship Jesus. Then I can call His Name and stand inside of Him while the enemy gets confused and then runs in terror when they realize He's present. Long story short: When your relationship with Yeshua is thriving, you have no reason to fear anything or anyone.

Back to what I was saying. As I got going good declaring my many victories in Jesus is when the thought, look how far I've come with The LORD, came to me. After being homeless I said I never wanted be a mortgagee or renter again so I couldn't be moved out of my home and I've been living debt-free since September 2011. That's a testimony right there, but it's not even the only one from over the years. I've prayed for a cancer and fibroid patients and they were healed, I've bought laptops and paid childcare bills for single moms, I've bought plane tickets for people to travel, I've helped more people than I can remember pay off various debts, I've won a book of the year award and written multiple national bestselling books, I've spoken at conferences, hosted conferences, traveled to conferences I've always wanted to attend and so much more. That's why I believe Jesus and every Promise He makes. That's why people calling me a 1970s name-it-and-claim-it preacher don't bother me. I've lived it and your unbelief can't change that. Yahweh Shalom is real and I'm a witness!

Where were you 10 years ago? Are you further along than you were then? Do you know Jesus better and have more of The Kingdom operating in your life than in 2011? 

I sure hope so. But, if not, you can repent of wasting the years doing everything other than studying to show yourself approved and making disciples. Yes, you do need to repent. If you haven't grown in your relationship with The Godhead, faith and in Kingdom Power in 10 years, you've been sinning. Don't get mad; you did it. Or failed to do it rather. That's why repentance and Grace are available. Just repent and ask The Father to redeem the Time. He can go back to April 8, 2011 (or any date) and correct the steps you took off of His planned path for your life (Psalm 139:16) and put you back on track. I'm a witness.

If you need help praying over your past and cleansing traumatic times, etc. order my book Sanctifying Time. Pray the prayers that apply to your situations so you can get free and receive the spoils owed you.

Some notes about the number 10. Ten is one of Elohim's perfect numbers. It means perfect, as in a perfect 10; complete, The Law, as in The  10 Commandments; and Great Grace (5+5). Thinking of the list of things above and seeing what Yahweh has done in my life in these last 10 years makes me wonder what all He could've done if I'd believed and given Him everything before my life fell apart. I'm thankful He redeems time. Because He's The GOD of Increase (Ephesians 3:20) I declare the double portion (Elijah to Elisha) over the next years of my life in Jesus' Name.

I bless you in The Name and Authority of Jesus Christ. Amen.