Active Faith


During prayer September 12, 2021 I went to The Courts of Heaven and viewed my ministry book (Psalm 139:16). I was told by the angel, "The Anointing of Faith is high, active. Move in it and pull people along. You're in a season of momentum. Keep pressing for the greater breakthrough."

I've been pressing and pulling intentionally since then. I may have been abrupt to some I mentored personally, but that's how prophets operate at times. If you need someone to hold your hand as you war for breakthrough, go find a pastor. Shepherds and deliverers work differently. I told them and am saying to you: Get out of your emotions, believe Yahweh Elohim and let's take territory!

I'm here to level you up, not coddle you. Level up, level up, level up. Meditate on that. I announce to you today: You've already broken through. You're headed for overcoming victory! If you're not sure how, think. The enemy is already defeated. You're an overcomer so live Luke 10:19 and win. To hear more, join us for Supernatural You 5782 Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Partners, I bless you and thank you for sowing into this Kingdom Work. I asked one time for assistance in purchasing this CD duplicator and now it's in my hands. Thank you for praying and/or giving. I love you, am praying for and expecting the very best for you. 💜

I give Yeshua praise and glory for opening every door for us in this season. I praise Him for His Precious Blood that is all-powerful. I praise Him for making us the head and not the tail.

1123 Ministries launched educational scholarships October 1, 2021. We feed your spirits and want to partner with you as you feed your minds. By Covenant Right, we're anointed for debt freedom and want to assist in paying for educational needs so that Believers aren't using debt to gain knowledge. We're lenders, not borrowers and believe and live in godly prosperity. Visit the ministry page to download an application.

Heaven meets your expectations. What are you asking for in faith? Jesus already said yes and so be it. Yahweh Yireh will provide according to your faith (Matthew 9:29). Blessings!