An Experiment


I'm conducting an experiment. I don't know when it started exactly, but Holy Spirit birthed a question in me about The Power in The Name of Jesus. I was even singing that song by Lincoln Brewster - There is Power for a few days before I got to work.

Monday was my Shabbat this week so I spent my prayer time studying the places Jesus is recorded in the New Testament. Here's how I began ...
FOCUS: Holy Spirit, teach me about The Power of Yeshua's Name.

I used an online concordance to get a list of verses that include the words 'Name of Jesus.' I used this phrase because I want to know what's recorded regarding The Name of Jesus. Not just mentions of Jesus, but evidences of power by the use of His Name.

I picked a verse, wrote it out in two different versions of The Logos and in Greek. BT Dubbs ... His Name is Iesous in Greek, pronounced ee-ay-sooce'. Beautiful.

QUESTION: Lord, is there revelation about The Power of His Name here (in this verse)?

Next, I wrote what came to mind/spirit based on that verse. Then, I set my timer for seven minutes to declare The Name aloud to see what would happen. In my journal it reads: Lord, this is a total experiment. Seeking Your Glory and Power by faith. I'm trying to understand The Power in His Name. If this is wrong, I repent and will receive Your correction. If there's something for me to learn, meet me. I don't know why this is sticking with me, but it is. It's hunger not vainglory.

Here's the recording. Listen to it with focus. Not while doing something else, and see if you experience anything. Then let me know.

Here's what I wrote afterward: There's definitely something about His Name. I was crying less than two minutes in. I felt humbled, submitted. There was no condemnation or guilt. I felt peace. I wasn't totally focused because I didn't want the timer on the recording. It was hard not to describe Him and not to thank and praise Him. I was trying to only speak His Name, but Him being The Messiah was relevant. I wanted to call Him The Bright and Morning Star. The atmosphere does change when you speak His Name with reverence.

I also have an end note: I know there's more, Holy Spirit, and I can sense Your excitement. Shall we do this again some time?


I mentioned in a video a few weeks ago that God led me to up my worship. I shared that I'd been moving hills and mountains by faith, but one area was resisting in the spiritual realm. When we lack wisdom, we can ask (James 1:5) and receive, so God hooked me up. When I upped my worship, I elevated to another level. Here are my 7 Pillars for Success:

  1. Faith
  2. Love
  3. Service
  4. Giving
  5. Authority
  6. Prayer
  7. Worship

They're numbered so that I don't leave any one out, not in a specific order. But now that I look at the list, it actually makes sense. Faith is first because you can't even get saved without it. Faith works by love. When you love, you serve. Giving is a type of service. You gain authority by those four and so on.

I'll share more as I go deeper in this study. I'm expecting to be skyrocketed in my spiritual maturity. I pray something here blesses you exceedingly.