I don't know about you, but I've had enough of these riots and the raging demons behind them. Jesus said on The Revelation that He is God's Son, The Messiah, He'll build His Ekklesia, His Governing Body, and the gates of hell won't prevail against it. And whatever we bind on Earth is already bound in Heaven and whatever we loose on Earth is already loosed in Heaven (Matthew 16:18-19).
Yesterday (Wednesday, June 3, 2020) I dreamed constantly of dark scenes of fighting. But in the darkness, various colored bolts of light flew in and exploded, knocking the fighters out. I believe these bolts of light were angels who were propelled like rockets from the prayers of The Body.

The Lord has kept me prophetically in the loop of these national events all year. He told me we'd have to partner with angels and not leave them jobless for failing to speak The Word. He asked Monday during my prayer call if His People had forgotten The Name of Jesus. We cannot forget how powerful His Name is, Saints. At Jesus' Name everything has to bow. EVERYTHING!
It's time to act as His Ekklesia and put an end to this chaos now. He's given us all Authority (John 10:19) and we must use it or risk losing more than we already have. Enough is enough. I'm done with demons; I don't tolerate them in my personal life and I'm sure not going to tolerate this running rampant in The Nation. If two or more of us get into complete harmony of spirit and soul (agreement), God Himself will do what we agree upon (Matthew 18:19). It's a Spiritual Law and must be upheld. Please agree.

Heavenly Father, I step into the role of High Priest and intercessor on behalf of The United States of America. I proclaim The Blood of Jesus over myself and everything connected to me. I decree a bloodline around me that cannot be crossed but upon pain of death. I proclaim The Name of Jesus and loose it's Yoke-Breaking Anointing into my region and country.

I lift up The Name of Jesus and magnify Him. He is great and greatly to be praised. I declare The Name of Jesus is The Name above every name. Jesus is above riots. Jesus is above antifa. Jesus is above globalists and their agenda. Jesus is above every hierarchy of demonic and natural institutions. Jesus is LORD!

In Jesus' Name I bind every demonic entity planning or participating in chaos riots in opposition to The Will of God. I mark you with Holy Spirit Light so that you cannot hide from The Judgment of God decreed through The Ekklesia. I loose The Hosts of Heaven and legions of warrior angels with fiery swords into the streets of America to defend our Covenant Right to Divine Protection and to destroy all works of darkness. 

I bind everyone working with demons to open portals of entry into our country and command those doors be closed and sealed by The Blood of Jesus now. I loose Faith and Perfect Love into this Nation to cast out fear and give citizens boldness to unite and fight against evil. As I pray, I command angelic portals to open by my command. Angels, go now and make war against God's Ancient Enemy on behalf of The Believers in Messiah Jesus. Go now, subdue the enemy and make them a part of His Footstool. Just as the enemy is under His Feet, I'm seated with Him in Heavenly Places and they're under my feet by my position in Him.

In Jesus' Name and Authority given to me, I revoke every demonic right to operate in the form of riots. I command you to cease and desist now! You have no place or power to operate in my jurisdiction. I'm submitted to God Most High, I resist you and you will flee in terror. 

Yours is The Kingdom and The Power and The Glory, forever! Amen!

Be firm, be vigilant. Make use of The Word of God and your prayer language. The enemy isn't playing nice with you so don't play nice with a defeated foe. We win because Jesus already won! Worship Him, loved ones. Our King has given our enemy over into our hands!


Friday, June 5, 2020
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5. 12 p.m. P (3 p.m. E) - Esther
6. 3 p.m. P (6 p.m. E) - Debbie
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8. 9 p.m. P (12 a.m. E) - Judy