Grace and peace in Yeshua, dear ones!

Living Kingdom Life is sure exciting. Praying from God's Realm is definitely the way to go. I got healed Tuesday, August 3rd. I went to The Courts of Heaven to request some bonds for my son. While I was there my head was full of pressure from my ears being plugged up. I've been dealing with this for too long so I asked how to receive healing. I assumed the judge or court workers would give me instructions, maybe send me to The Courts of Healing, but nope. Instead a hand reached out to my left ear, did some tweaking and the pressure decreased. I thanked and praised Yahweh Raphe and said I expected complete healing. Later when I washed my face and cleaned my ears, my left ear popped and it's been open ever since. Hallelujah! Praise Yeshua!

Healing is available for you, Saints. Don't stay sick, living under the stronghold of doubt, thinking God won't heal you. You might even try to pull up a case of knowing someone who 'believed' for healing but didn't get healed or is now in Heaven. Don't do it. You don't know their circumstances. As I pray for more and more people and learn more about The Books of Heaven, I encounter more people who choose to be with Yeshua instead of fighting through sickness for life on Earth. But, if we grow our Faith for healing and divine health before sickness tries to come around, the fight is much, much easier.

Whenever sickness or something tries to come on me, I have a go-to verse that quote. Abba sent Yeshua to heal me and deliver me from my destructions. ~ Psalm 107:20

I personalized this verse because it was given to me when I was in Heaven seeking healing before. My Father sent His Word for me and I'm taking advantage of it. The revelation I received included a vision about The Mind of Christ and how to possess healing through it. The Mind of Christ is much more than thinking like Jesus thinks. It's a realm.

When I went to Heaven Sunday to get instruction for this week's prayer call the theme was Authority. The exchange went like this:

"Authority. You're able to step into The Realms of Heaven. What you declare unlawful on Earth is already unlawful in Heaven."

I asked, What about when you make decrees and things don't change?

"When don't they change?" 💡 

That was a light bulb moment. I realized that Heaven and the rest of the spiritual realm sees things change as soon as we make decrees in Authority and Faith. It then becomes our responsibility to partner with angels for manifestation and walk out what we decreed in this physical realm. It continued:

"It's time to step into The Authority of The Believer. You only need to hear something so many times before you exercise it. There are things that happen to you on Earth because you allow it. You cannot be afraid of weapons given to you for warfare. The enemy cannot overpower you unless you allow it. What is in your mouth; what is in your hand? Use what you have been given. Angels are available. There's nothing too hard for The LORD."

I asked, Why this type of message today?

"It's time."

I decree you are authorized to exercise Authority as a Believer in Yahweh Elohim, His Son Yeshua and Ruach ha'Kodesh in every realm designated to you in this season. I bless your spirit with increased understanding and wisdom to operate accordingly. I bless you with victory because you've been redeemed out of the hand of the enemy by The Blood of Jesus. I declare this all by faith in Yeshua and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen.