The Trickle Will Become an Avalanche


Chag Sameach Simchat Torah! Joy of The Torah! The fall feasts are complete and this is the day the annual Torah reading ends; it will start again with Bereshit/Genesis this weekend.

We attended The Southwest Believers' Convention the first week of August, and since returning I spent a lot of time chasing after The Godhead, seeking deliverance, revelation and whatever it took to remove any limits from my faith and my capacity to receive from Heaven. The first two weeks of October, I spent ample time in The Courts of Heaven for my personal needs. I went through some deliverance processes that I hadn't put much stock in before - mainly deliverance from freemasonry and the false gods who rule that realm.

October 11 I had a significant portion of my future unlocked, and when the door opened I received a bunch of blessings that have been owed to me for years. One of the things identified that the enemy was legally doing was limiting my influence. Abundant influence was released to me and I've experienced consistent increase in connections and engagements since then.

I will continue to testify about this deliverance because that's one way to take full possession. Testify and celebrate every movement, no matter how seemingly small, because what we focus on gets magnified. The trickle will become an avalanche. I release this word that came to me for this season to you who will receive it.

Set aside time and ask Holy Spirit how to possess this word. Bring the things that are trickling into your life before Him and ask what will release the avalanche. Follow all instructions you're given and watch for signs confirming His Word.

Blessings in Messiah Yeshua!

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed