Ball and Chain


Shalom, shalom.

I'm still feasting on the bounty of revelation that began flowing during Pesach (Passover). This is the first year since I've been honoring God's Feasts that I've continued to seek Him so diligently for daily revelation. I usually set myself aside during those one to three weeks and then would go back to living life the best I could.

But, a month or so ago I was given the admonition to discontinue stopping and starting walking by The Spirit and always walk by The Spirit (Romans 8:14). As a Believer in Jesus it's obvious that we're supposed to live in constant contact with The Godhead and Heaven. Jesus said He never did anything unless He saw Abba do it (John 5:29). I know it in my head, for sure. But, it's definitely taking practice and focus to do it all day, every day. 

For example, a concern arose last week. I told my soul and body to rest and called my spirit forward. While I was seeking Heaven for revelation, fear thoughts crept up and I felt my soul jump in front and then my mind was flooded with worry thoughts. I could feel my spirit falling backward, too. I told my soul (mind) to be quiet and called my spirit up again. The second time, my soul jumped up and the fear and worry returned. I'd like to say I got control after that, but I didn't. It happened a third time. Thankfully, I was able to get a scripture to meditate on while my spirit was paying attention at one point, though.

Heaven doesn't dabble in the soulish realm. Yahweh is Spirit and we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). We can't receive of what is available to us from God's Realm if we're not presenting with our spirits. Trying to get revelation or anything else with our souls in control is how we end up thinking other people's spouses are ours and how we end up in debt buying on credit instead pulling from our Heavenly Storehouses (Matthew 6:20). It doesn't work out well. There is Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness available through confession and repentance so don't feel condemned. If we sin, we confess and repent ASAP so the enemy can't hook us and so we don't miss out on communion with Jesus.

After praying in tongues Monday, I took an issue I've been having off and on for a while before The Lord. Every so often I get attacked in my dreams by a particular soul part. If you're not familiar with soul parts you may not get what I'm discussing here. If you're familiar with DID, you'll know what I mean. I met this person when I was a teenager, and foolish, so I offered myself up for codependency. Anyhoo, every now and then they'd pop up in my dreams and say, "You do what I tell you to do." And, I've had enough of that.

I stepped into Heaven and first asked if they had anything for me. I received a scroll. I may discuss that some other time. Then, I explained why I was there and was directed to The Courts of Titles and Deeds. As I stood there before The Judge I realized I had a ball and chain around my right leg. Can you imagine? I'm standing in Court like a prisoner ... because that's what I was. Of course, as a codependent, I was keeping someone else trapped just like they were keeping me. It was an issue of ownership in the spiritual realm, and it was ungodly. 

I confessed, repented, forgave, blessed, released and then got the verdict recorded. Someone brought a key and unlocked the chain. Freedom in Christ! Halleluyah!

A word of wisdom from a delivered foolish teen:

Don't leave your teens to raise themselves just because they're older. I grew up without family available so I was influenced by friends. Friends who also didn't have strong families guiding them. As a result, I went off of my Kingdom Path. I did return (obvi) because Proverbs 22:6 is real. However, I would've rather had parents around sharing revelation and teaching me so I could've bypassed the years of stupid mistakes.

I suspect my son gets bored hearing my revelation and consequence stories all the time, but at 19 he hasn't committed 1% of the sins or bad choices I'd made by that age. Therefore, I must conclude that the consistent flow of The Word of God and my presence made a difference.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name and Authority. 

© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed