Blessing for Children


God is a God who loves to bless. In The Written Word there are thousands of promises of peace, health, joy, wealth, love and more. They're all waiting for believers in Christ to ask, believe and receive them. O Lord, Bless Me Abundantly: 30 Days of Sowing the Word is to be used as a shepherd's staff that will lead you as you journey down the path of continual blessing and abundant life.

Beginning with O Lord, Hear My Cry: A Book of Psalms Devotional, my books are a testimony of my deliverance from Egypt to warring and entering my personal Promised Land. I lived for years believing that if God wanted me blessed the blessings would fall into my lap. Through a relationship with Holy Spirit, Divine Wisdom has taught me how to effectively ask, seek and knock and have the doors and windows of heaven opened for me.  


And [Jesus] took them in His arms and blessed [the children], laying His hands on them. ~ Mark 10:16

There are so many people in the world who despise children. Children are an inheritance from the Lord (Psalm 127:3) and that brings the attention of the enemy. In this portion of Jesus' history the disciples didn't feel children were worthy of Jesus' attention because He had such important work to do every day. But Jesus was always doing the unexpected. He allowed the children to come to Him, He loved on them, and decreed blessings on them.

If we point our children to Jesus and allow them to build individual relationships with Him we won't lose them to the world. Jesus' love is too powerful to walk away from permanently. If we foster relationship with Him, His blessing, and understanding, we won't even have to deal with them walking away for a season. With His vision of success for their lives they won't leave Him because it can't be realized without His leading (Proverbs 22:6).

Decree aloud Mark 10:16: Jesus, take my children, biological and spiritual, and all children in the world in your arms and lay your hands on them for blessing. 

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