Breaking, Shaking & Moving


Shalom and Adonai bless and deliver you, Saints & Sons!

Been spending time with my folks (The Godhead) and messed around and received a prophetic words for us. But, before we get into that, here's what's happening while I'm on summer vacay.

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Alright now, let's dine. July 7, 2023 The Spirit of Prophecy said:

"Come up here." I positioned myself to hear and receive. "There is a breaking, and a shaking and a moving. Breaking what no longer works and what no longer should be. There is a shaking to resettle foundations and moving into position.

This is a time and season where My expectation for your walk is authority. You are no longer allowed to sit by and watch without taking a stand.

Call for the resources of Heaven. In your treasuries is not only treasure, there's also resources. Your treasury is also an armory. Equip The Hosts of Heaven with the weaponry necessary to before The Saints of GOD. you don't walk through any battle alone. I AM with you.

You are to ride atop of the waves of change coming into the earth.

Take this scroll and eat it."

Meditate on this Word until you receive understanding and instructions. You may listen to the audio by clicking below. 

I bless you in Yeshua's Name.

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