Business: Cooking with Kenisha


Blessings in abundance, dear ones!

I'm passionate about supporting Christian businesses and I have a delicious one to share with y'all today. Cooking with Kenisha is owned and operated by my friend, Kenisha Shamburger, of Alabama. She's a private chef, meal prep, event caterer and baker.

A couple weeks ago she posted a bunch of her cookies on FB and my eyes told my stomach to get some. My eyes were right, my stomach was well pleased and I'll be ordering again.

I ordered the Lemon Delight with Lemon-Glazed Icing for my son because he enjoys lemon desserts. He's not a big sweet eater like I am, though. But, guess what. He went back for seconds of these cookies which is saying something because my mom owns a bakery and he's been spoiled with her confections his whole life.

We had a dinner party and served the cookies as dessert and they went over well. They were even enjoyed by someone who generally doesn't eat sweets at all.

Here's the list of flavors:

- Chocolate Chip - White Chocolate Macadamia - Peanut butter - Oatmeal Raisin - Lemon Delight w/Lemon-Glazed Icing - Sugar Rush - Pink Sugar Gum Drop -Double Chocolate - Snickerdoodle - Red Velvet - Cookies N Cream - Key Lime

I also ordered the Sugar Rush this time, and I'm going back for the Key Lime. I recommend you order as well. They were shipped to Arizona quickly, in excellent condition and were very tasty.

Whether you just have a good, old-fashioned sweet tooth or are looking for a Christian business to patronize, I suggest you connect with Kenisha and get blessed by her services. And tell her Zari sent you!