"I came to Chicago with uh ... $200."

I yelled 'FLOW,' too, but he didn't hear me. Right after service Sunday I was blessed to have come face-to-face with another of my mentors. *Singing* God favors me!

I snapped this pic and was next in line to greet Dr. Winston when one of the security gentlemen said, "Pastor ain't takin' pictures," so I had to put my phone away. When I turned back around, the lady behind me had jumped the line and took my spot. That's ok, he gave me the nod acknowledging the ghettoness of the situation. Then, one of the other security said that was it, pastor had to go. Next time. I love Chicago and Home Run Inn Pizza (original thin since 1947) so I've been there several times and will return soon. Superman BW.

Listen, Dr. Winston was so good, my son emptied his wallet sowing seed - $200. I play Dr. Winston's podcast in the car and Z usually has his airpods in so I didn't think he really listened. But apparently Dr. Winston's teachings have been building Z's faith on the sly. As Patti Cake said, "Z's working The Kingdom System." If you're not sure what that means, review the Sowing for INCREASE Workshop I held August 10, 2021.

While on this trip, Holy Spirit gave me several visions for my future, the ministry and what's to come. We have some exciting plans. I'm finally gonna get a doctorate. I received a prophecy in 2016 that said I see Dr. in front of your name, and of course, two consecutive confirmations came shortly afterward. I told The Lord, I wouldn't go back to school unless He paid for it and now that I've seen Him provide my son's tuition, I'm ready to enroll. So, I'll be Reverend Doctor or Rev. Zari Banks, D.Min or something. 

Before I go, I'm inviting you to attend our next free workshop. Becoming a Kingdom Financier is Thursday, August 26, 2021. Click here to register. The revelation I'll present in this workshop is a level up from last week's Sowing for INCREASE course.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name.