Blessings, Saints!

Instructions for 5783 are already coming in. This afternoon I heard The Spirit of God say, "Camels need water."

You need to be able to provide for and keep what He desires to give you in this new year. You should've already been preparing to receive, learning to hear Him clearly so you can follow any instructions given.

Meditate on Genesis 24; look at 10-11. Abraham's camels were loaded down with treasure to secure a bride for his son. That's what God is doing in 5783. He's sending provision to secure The Church as The Bride for His Son!

In this ministry, I've been teaching you to give in faith and love and mature in your spirit so you're eligible for wealth transfer, through Daily Dollar Giving, sowing into revelation and on God's Calendar.

Giving to receive wealth transfer requires sacrificial giving. Giving that stretches you. When you give what you consider is the minimum you need to 'feel' comfortable, you're not eligible for wealth transfer. Wealth transfer is for The Bride, it's the bride-price, mohar, dowry. In ancient Israel, you prepared for weeks up to a year for your bridegroom to come catch away one evening. You made yourself ready inside and out. The groom's father, would then pay the mohar in cash money, sometimes labor like Jacob, and gifts. Some of which the woman would take with her when she left her father's house. The groom's father gave based on his wealth!

Loved ones, our Groom's Father owns everything and He is ready for The Bride to come to His Son in riches in glory.

Father, in Jesus' Name, I say Your Son's Bride is ready to receive our mohar. We are betrothed to Him and repent of failing to receive our dowry with grace and joy in the past. We know who we are now and we say YES to receiving. We receive Your camels and will water them as they arrive. Amen.

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