Shalom - nothing missing or broken in your life realms, loved ones!

I go into my prophet's prayer closet Saturday evenings to receive from Heaven. Prophets are required to enter in, submitted and without an agenda to receive assignments and commune. Saturday evening is the start to the new week and, I've discovered, a blessed time to meet with The Godhead.

On January 28, 2023, Holy Spirit met me. We walked and He gave a lesson on a spiritual weapon I wasn't conscious of before then. He said the following to me and I'm speaking it to you:

You must guard your spirit against hearing and receiving the voice of the enemy. The enemy will speak things directly to the human spirit that rubs and agitates and will cause the spirit to become worn down and you to be harsh. If this is continually allowed, you will become hardhearted toward The LORD.

A verse that came to mind is found in Daniel - the enemy seeks to wear down the Saints (7:25).  And, also Proverbs 18:14 the spirit can sustain you in sickness, but a wounded, broken, afflicted spirit, who can endure? I asked Him how to guard our spirits from demonic voices. He replied, "Camouflage."

Holy Spirit said we can apply camouflage to our spirits to keep them hidden in the spiritual realm. So, I commissioned angels to do so.

Father, in Yeshua's Name, we thank You and receive this new protection of camouflage. I commission and loose angelic hosts to dress 1123 Ministries covenant partners' spirits and those of our bloodlines with camouflage to keep us stealth, hidden and protected as we move throughout the spiritual realm.

He then proceeded to explain that this will allow for greater movement, authority and encounters in the spirit, and that this is only about half of my training in the use of this weapon. I also asked for our voices to be distorted in the ears of the enemy as we speak and decree.

Father, I ask in Yeshua's Name for supernatural distortion to cover our voices, frequencies and vibrations as we pray, speak and decree for Kingdom advancement. I commission and loose angels to facilitate voice distortion on behalf of 1123's covenant partners and their bloodlines now.

Heaven has every resource, strategy, weapon, solution, provision that we need. We must seek Yahweh's Way and not attempt to maneuver life from this natural, temporary, visually warped plane. Abba knows what we need and He provided it in advance. I'm honored to be able to sit with Them and receive the revelation we need to successfully advance in every season.

My prophet's prayer closet is open and available to 1123 Ministries partners Saturdays after Ekklesia service. If you'd like to join, please email me at 1123 Ministries at gmail dot com.

Abundant blessings in Messiah Yeshua! 💗