Confirmed Done


Numbers have Biblical meanings, but they're also very personal. People often ask me what numbers they're seeing frequently mean, and my response is always, "Ask God."

It really depends on what you've been working on with The Godhead while you're seeing them. About a half hour ago I prayed something that needed heaven's full attention and backup. Then I came here to sit down and write an update for you, and see the beautiful numbers listed above.

The triple seven represents Yeshua and the fullness of The Godhead. Seven individually is God's number for rest, completion, perfection. There's so much there I could be here for a couple hours going over it, but instead I'll direct you to a series of teachings I have on the year 5777. You can download them on my book site - Supernatural You Books. If you're interested, that is. No pressure.

When I saw the triple seven, I said YES and AMEN because I asked The Just Judge for a ruling on something with a time limit for manifestation attached. My request is confirmed done.

The second set of numbers are great, too. I believe they are confirmation to the second request I made. Again, this request needed some serious divine backup because it involves land I'm cleansing that's in a different location than I'm in currently. There's no time or distance in the spirit (praise God!), but I needed help with something I should've done but didn't one of the two times I went to the focus site. God is confirming to me that absolutely, He's in agreement with this work I'm doing on both of these deliverance cases. Hallelujah!

Let's look at the second numbers, and then I'll get to the post I actually came over here to write. Two represents (on the positive side) agreement, covenant, confirmation. There were three two's. Awesome. And three represents The Godhead and a perfect witness. The Written Word tells us statements are confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses. God is on my side in these things, and I give Him big praise and honor.

I could even speak to what 21 and 9 rep, but I'm already too hype so I'm not going there. 😃

Ok, I originally came over here to talk about seasons. Patti Cake and I were talking about what type of season God has each of us in earlier today - I've got a teaching on godly seasons, it's actually in book form, that I could put out. I'm normally in a season of big revelation at this time of year, but I'm in transition (oh, joy ... just kidding) and in a season of action. Transition: I'm in between the end of one season of prophet's provision and the beginning of another; I shared that a few weeks ago. I'm also having to exercise through action the dominion and authority God granted me several months ago. 

I love how things continually change with God as we mature and grow. I mean ... if you're not actually growing in your spirit, you probably do the exact same things with God ALL the time. This isn't true with those moving forward in The Kingdom. As I've stated before, the last two years - 5777 and 5778 - these three weeks of High Holy Days were jam packed with revelatory downloads. This year - 5779, The Year of Abundant Harvests - God's like: Z ... you have position in The Kingdom ... live like it. And I'm totes alright with that.

What season are you in with God? Do you know/can you identify it? And are you doing what you're supposed to be doing? Asking for a friend ... and His Name is Yeshua. 😂

Please continue to agree verbally that my prophet's room on the west side be released to me asap. And I'd really like it to be somewhat permanent. I'm ready to unpack my Mickey Mouse suitcase for once. Let's pray:

Lord, You are fantastic and Your mercies are with me all my days. I thank You for already having a plan for my housing. A plan that includes rest, peace and a prayer closet. I repent of missing it if You've already revealed it to me, and ask that You bring it around again with that special emphasis You reserve for only me 'cause You know I'm hardheaded. And I ask for recompense for all the funds that have been devoured this month of limbo with increase and acceleration. I declare this all in faith in Yeshua and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen. 

There's still time to sow your 5779 seeds. I received a testimony already from one person who sowed. They didn't even sow to me and they still got a benefit that I enjoy in my life. See below.

I bless you in Yeshua's Name and pray you're receiving The Goodness of The Lord in this season. Amen. Love y'all.

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