Creating Demons


Grace and peace to you in Yeshua's Name, dear ones. I pray you're all maturing in spirit and coming into The King's desired dominion and authority for your lives.

I went to a deliverance ministers' training in South Carolina at the beginning of the month. It was awesome. I went expecting and I received. I expected to get some revelation and deliverance for my life and to add some new tools to my breakthrough toolbox for working with others. I got it all. 

One tool I picked up was how to help someone who's spirit is locked up, to get free. I had this issue at our conference in October. I was ministering to spirits and there was one participant who could not get their spirit to respond to basic engagement. I didn't know what to do then because I'd never experienced that before, but I do now because it was one of the topics addressed in a modeled session at the event.

Imagine it. This person hears from The Lord a bit and has a consistent prayer life. But they also have lots of abdomen sickness and moments of great fear in several areas of life. I've been working with them for a few years and knowing that their spirit is being held captive by a specific demonic entity explains so much about why they haven't been able to break into authority and haven't matured at a godly rate even though they want more of God.

Processing this situation above has triggered a reminder for us. God is sovereign and can choose to step into our lives at any point and deliver us from one thing or 100. BUT most of the time, He lets His original mandate stand: Humans are to subdue the earth and exercise dominion and authority over all the power of the enemy (Genesis 1:28; Luke 10:19).

I know I wish He would just send The Word and command the demonic to drop every charge against me and repay me 100 times for every side eye they've aimed my direction, but that is not my experience. Same with the verse directing us to stand still and allow God to fight our battles. That doesn't automatically apply to anyone - especially not me. That verse applies when that's what God speaks about a given period of warfare. Otherwise you're supposed to be exercising dominion and authority over the enemy. And believers refuse to obey God in this on a large scale and that's why we have no collective power in America, and no spiritual unity around the world.

Anyhoo ... let me get back on track here. At the training someone asked how can people all over the world have the same demon of fear attached to/attack them when demons aren't omnipresent. He said he didn't know and wasn't concerned with that. He was more concerned with diagnosing issues and getting folks delivered and then healed. I agree with his answer and was blessed by the fact that he truthfully said he didn't know the answer to the question. How many church leaders are willing to do that in this day and age? 

Then last night I was chatting with Holy Spirit and had a thought. It's only a thought, not a Word from The Lord, but it very well could've been Holy Spirit inspired because we were communing at the time. My thought: What if we create demons? 

Think about it. We perform actions that agree with God and gain favor, anointings, gifts/giftings and angels to assist. The demonic perverts everything possible. So ... what if we're giving life to darkness when we perform actions that agree with the demonic?

That's actually what we're doing. Naming things that don't exist yet but are only potential substances via quantum physics is a scientific way of explaining faith. We, like God, can speak things into being - that's faith. So when we have an opportunity to speak godly, we bring godly results into existence. Conversely, when we have opportunity to speak evil, we bring satanic results - demons - into existence. Are you tracking with me?

Here's a practical example. In October the enemy tried to kill me twice in five days. I was shaken after both incidents and had the opportunity to agree with fear of death. Had I agreed and started worrying all the time that I was going to die, that would've allowed a spirit a death to attach to my life. So, it's not that one spirit of death had to be omnipresent, it's that I would've put my faith in the spirit of death and gave it the substance to take up residence in my timeline. Same with sinning (yes, fear is sinning). We sin and come into agreement with the potential demons and the harassment they employ to oppress us.

No, this doesn't explain everything, it's just a start. Just the beginnings of one fleeting thought I had last night while talking to Holy Spirit about a different topic altogether. In case you didn't know, this is what I do. I do deliverance. And I do it on hard cases because I live my own hard cases. 

I'm currently in a season of faith-building. I started out on fire, and when I started picking up momentum, the enemy got jealous and battered me like the maniacs they are. Then, a spirit that had taken up residence in my chest was identified, so I battled that with two people praying with me for six days. I finally got my head above water again yesterday, and now I'm right back on my faith journey. I'm still waiting for verifiable, sustained evidence that the eviction took, though. I've experienced a small piece of freedom since, but need five or more evidences to declare an established pattern.

If you're ready, or desperate, for some deliverance, I may be who you need. Let me know. In the meantime I have tons of resources available for self-study and deliverance on Supernatural You. And I'm uploading vids to YouTube as I have a chance. 

Please release verbal agreement for increased Divine Light to shine on my life and work for The Kingdom, in Yeshua's Name. Thank you. Oh yeah, my transition is over and I ended up with two houses on the westside!! And I'm planning to add a third ... by FAITH! Thanks for your prayers and support. God knows how to favor you big as you reap from blessing me.

I bless you to work The Word by faith so that you receive everything you need and want from God.

From the bakery © 2018 Zari Banks, M.Ed