Crybaby Zari


I've been wanting to cry since early July. Believing I needed to cry about this, that and the other. I started planning it last week and just needed some time alone at home. Tonight was gonna be it. 

Though this post is called Cry-Baby Zari, it's actually about me growing up and not being a cry baby at all. Lemme me splain, Lucy.

I was all set to finally have my crying fit this evening. And no, nothing is really wrong. It's just transition, exhaustion, frustration, weight gain, a bit of sadness over a recent distant death and that stuffs. 

BUT on the way home from the bakery, I listened to Kenneth Hagin's Casting Your Cares Upon The Lord and that messed me up. And by messed me up, I mean got my mind right. He quoted Philippians 4:6 from the AMPC which reads, "Do not fret or be anxious about anything ...,"

I'd been listening for almost 20 minutes and my emotions were already aligning with Truth without me noticing and hearing that brought me to full attention. I repeated the verse aloud, twice and I realized I was smiling and giggling a little. I lost my need for a crying fit - again. This has happened consistently for the past few months. Something seemingly negative would occur that, in the past, I'd cry over but then I use this strategy and instead of crying, overcome.

Earlier this year I heard Hagin, Charles Capps and Jesse Duplantis share in various sermons that they never had sad days, down days, bad days because they had too much Word to live on emotional roller coasters. After I heard each of them say that a few times, I told The Lord I want that, so I went after it with what they suggested. When it started working for me you know I had to share it with Patti Cake. 

This strategy is simple but creating the habit takes at least three weeks (21 days). What I do is ... drum roll, please ... put on the Faith Masters when I'm feeling emotional and wanna have a pity-party crying fit. I didn't realize it until tonight, but using this strategy has become a habit for me because I did it this evening without even thinking about it.

Initially, when I stopped giggling, I thought to myself, "Man ... I didn't get to cry again." Then Holy Spirit spoke to me because I wasn't emotional and I was able to hear Him. He asked me what scriptures I knew about crying. The two that came to mind were weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5) and He keeps our tears in a bottle and book (Psalm 56:8). He then impressed to me that if I'm not fretting and not anxious I have no need of crying. And that led to Him answering a question I asked on social media a couple of weeks ago about why there's so much anxiety in America. There's so much anxiety out there because people don't attend to The Word (Proverbs 4:20).

I keep seeing more and more believers posting about being anxious and using anxiety hashtags. That's what the world does, NOT us. Yes, we're in this physical realm, but we're also seated with Christ in heaven where there's no anxiety. And if The Word of God can get my mind right, it can get anyone's mind right because it's universal. The Word works for anyone who'll work it (meaning believe it). And it does take time to create the habit of taking authority over emotions (and demons) with The Word. As I mentioned, I implemented this strategy earlier in the year, and now it's a habit. But back in February, I can tell you I was still boo-hooing about things that were gonna pass.

I understand suicide, depression and anxiety seem to be powerful demons, but The Truth is they are not. There is NO demon that can defeat Jesus Christ and His Name above every name. Unfortunately, all saints don't believe this. Some people believe demons are difficult to overcome. They are not. As believers in covenant relationship with God The Father through Jesus Christ we are as The Written Word declares us to be, if we believe it.

The Word declares us to have authority over all the power of the enemy so that nothing harms us. We have to believe that from the inside out, and we cannot fake out anything in the spiritual realm. We don't have these bodies with botox and spanx to make us look more together than we really are. The authentic self is all that's visible in the spiritual realm so when we come face-to-face with demons for battle, they can tell if we're solid in faith or if we have huge pockets of unbelief in our spirits. God and angels see the same. If we have faith, angels work for us. If we have pockets of doubt, they're standing by thinking, "Pick up The Word. Pick up THE WORD. PICK UP THE WORD."

If you're thinking to yourself, "You can't fight depression and thoughts of suicide just by reading The Word," you're right ... it'll never work for YOU because you have what you say (Mark 11:23). But I'm a living, testifying witness that you can combat demons of anxiety, suicide, depression and murder with The Word of God. And if you can defeat those demons, you can defeat any demon of any issue with The Word.

I just shared with you my authority to combat anxiety with The Word. I shared a year or two ago about driving east on 320th in Federal Way and a suicide demon popping up speaking things to me, and me answering with The Word. Suicide demons don't just talk to people who are consistently depressed or anxious. The job of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy; they want everyone dead.

I still hear suicide demons every now and then, but I've realized that they're one of the demons I can discern. They're not necessarily messing with me, but I can hear when they're at work spewing their deathly poison into the atmosphere. Matter of fact, I was hearing them in August and told Patti Cake and Selena and there have been several suicides in these first two weeks of September already. In the future I need to do a better job of praying and warring for others during those times because that revelation can save lives.

Please don't feel condemned here; there is now no condemnation in Christ. But if you believe there are things in this life that are more powerful than Jesus or that some demons cannot be overcome, you don't have enough Word in you. Without The Word in you, you can't have faith. And without faith, you're not eligible for the Realm of The Impossible. The parts of The Bible you believe are the parts that work for you. If all your needs aren't met, you don't believe Philippians 4:19. If you believe the enemy can stop you, you don't believe Luke 10:19. So on and so forth. 

I understand counselors and therapists are beneficial. If I ever do go for my doctorate, I want it in Psychology, BUT as a believer The Word is my Foundation and Final Say. And I'm in complete agreement with the wisdom of Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps to take your medicine/counseling/whatever with The Word of God and get healed twice as fast. One takes care of the manifestations in the body and the other casts the demons out of your soul.

​I bless you in Jesus' Name.

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