Day 12: Matthew 11:28


Day 12: Matthew 11:28

Come to Me, all those toiling and being burdened, and I will give you rest. (BLB)

It may seem as if you have a lot of work to do to receive your Kingdom marriage, but you don't. When you seek Yahweh first He gives the desires of your heart. Notice all we're doing is increasing our knowledge of and communion with The Godhead in this season. We're studying The Word, which is simply growing closer to Jesus because He is The Word.

If you feel you're struggling at all with this process, I guarantee you you're missing Jesus and thinking of these posts as a task. In everything see Jesus and invite Jesus. When you consider Him in everything, life and the world make more sense, and you have more victory.

Don't seek marriage for the sake of marriage. You're alive now without being married. Seek Jesus because you cannot have a successful, thriving, Kingdom marriage without Him.

Rest, meditate on what's been covered so far and get excited about what's next. Abundant blessings to you in Yeshua's Name.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed