Day 1

I had a vision 8/28/17 while praying with a friend for marriages:

I saw a man at the edge of a forest breaking through the brush so he could get out into the clear. Shortly after that I saw a man coming from the left and woman from the right to join hands and begin walking together.

Then, I released regarding the vision 8/29/17:

Your husbands are coming. They're breaking through and being set free. I said it before and I'll say it again, some will be married before 5777 ends. Are you ready for a 30-day meet, greet and marry? Get yourself ready.

The Lord wouldn't let it go after I posted it. He kept bringing the need to pray into it to me. Once I said yes, of course, He flooded in with a strategy. So, here we go!

Day 1:
1. Suggested Reading: Praying While You're Waiting for Him Day 1
(If you don't have the book/ebook you can order a paperback copy here.
or download a copy here.)

Reading: Genesis 2:18-25. Meditate on this section of Scripture and allow Holy Spirit to speak and give you visions. Then record in your journal what He shares, questions you have, fresh revelation, etc.

2. Take communion and consecrate these next 30 days of focused prayer - follow Biblical protocol.

(If you need understanding of Biblical protocol for communion I have several videos on YouTube that will help. Here's one.

3. Worship - in spirit and in truth. If you need help here's a video.

4. Submit your petition to The Lord that you desire to meet, greet (get to know) and marry in 30 days. Confess your faith in His ability and willingness, submit yourself to be made acceptable and get cleaned up from the inside out and then thank and praise Him. Focus and be sincere. This isn't a 5-minute process. Marriages are serious business - especially where The Kingdom is concerned.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying you will for sure be married in 30 days, but you can build your marriage in the spirit in 30 days. And not only that ... if you have the right faith work, you ABSOLUTELY CAN take your marriage in 30 days. And prayer is ALWAYS, ALWAYS the right thing to do.

© 2017 Zari Banks, M.Ed