Day 3


Day 3

It's not as easy as it seems to pray through something for 30 days, or even to pray to breakthrough. If it were easy, more people would have testimonies of doing it.

1. Suggested Reading: PWYW Day 3
Reading: Psalm 45: A Royal Wedding Song

2. Watch MGM Video 2

3. Create a graphic for your prophetic vision board (My PVB course can be downloaded if you're interested. Also, I'd love to see the creativity you produce so feel free to send me a pic via email.)

4. Review previous materials if necessary

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying you will for sure be married in 30 days, but you can build your marriage in the spirit in 30 days. And not only that ... if you have the right faith work, you ABSOLUTELY CAN take your marriage in 30 days. And prayer is ALWAYS, ALWAYS the right thing to do.

Praying for you daily and expecting the miraculous from our God! Love,

© 2017 Zari Banks, M.Ed