Day 5


Day 5

Hello, loved ones!!

Today we focus on deliverance. It's necessary. Don't run from it, expect and receive it. Speaking from experience, it's better to just surrender to The Lord up front so you don't end up losing anything. I go the hard (headed) route with Him. But the benefit for you is that you don't have to do that - you can take my mentorship and eliminate a lot of the pain of learning your own way.

1. Suggested Reading: PWYW Day 5

Review: Ecclesiastes 3:1

2. Watch MGM Video 3

3. Get some deliverance. All of us need it. Keep with the process until you don't look, act or speak the same way you did before you began this prayer season.

TESTIMONY: Last weekend in Atlanta I decreed no more crappy hotels and this weekend I'm staying in the Hilton Garden Inn Seattle North in a suite. We have what we say! God is so great and loving and faithful.

Keep these things in mind as you go forward and remember this when ok men show up trying to get your attention. I said in Revelation is for Elevation, if we walk on streets of gold in heaven, there's no way God won't give us amazing dwellings on the earth - or anything else for that matter. So don't settle as the men begin to come out of the woodwork.

​Love you!

© 2017 Zari Banks, M.Ed