Deliverance and Declarations


I had a dream or vision that I saw an evil entity in the back of a car and I looked at it and smiled but caught myself; then I began to denounce any agreement I have come into with the enemy. 

I reject any ungodly calling and respond only to the calling of my LORD and Savior Jesus. I denounce all ungodly covenants I've made with the enemy. I denounce any ungodly covenants made by my ancestors and my bloodline. 

I reject, denounce and break every ungodly agreement, covenant, pact, promise, and contract made by myself and my ancestors knowingly and unknowingly. I am freed from them along with their manifestations, curses and hexes by the blood of Jesus. I am blood bought, sanctified, consecrated and righteous thru my adoption into the family of GOD. 

I walk away, turn away from, disown past sins and defilement and through my relationship with GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit I am set free, never to return to the bondage again. I reject and plead the blood of Jesus over every defilement of my body, soul, spirit and property. I am washed clean through the bleaching power of the Holy Spirit to make me whiter than snow. 

GOD has dispatched heavenly angels to overwhelm and overcome the enemy's assignment, plots, plans and strongholds. The hand of the enemy has been removed from my inheritance. What GOD has for me and the generations to come is ours and will not be stolen by the enemy. I decree and declare that all things bound have been released. All things chained up have been set free. All things hidden and fenced in are being shown to me. All things unrighteous have been cleansed by the Holy Spirit. Satan cannot have what is mine. I claim it all in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus. I command it to come to me now in Jesus' name. I decree and declare overflow, releasing, pouring down, a following after me, overtaking and overwhelming of all godly provision, protection, healing, dunamis power, purpose, calling and inheritance in the name of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. I am seated in heavenly places with Christ, I reject any and all identity crises. I am a child of the true Most High GOD, Creator of Heaven and earth and nothing can change this. I glorify GOD with my mouth and my life. I reject, repent and turn away from sin and all defilement. I loose peace, joy and power to overcome temptation. I use the mighty spiritual weapons given to me through Christ Jesus. I am continually going from glory to glory. My level of intimacy with GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is continually growing deeper. I have the fruit of the Spirit. I have been anointed, set apart for my purpose and calling. I fulfill my purpose before I leave this earth and glorify GOD. GOD is pleased with me. He is not angry with me. He gives me everything I need in abundance. I want for nothing, but have an overflow for which I honor, praise and glorify Him with. 

My children and generations to come are blessed beyond anything they could ask or imagine. They are sanctified, consecrated and purposed by GOD through the blood of Jesus that courses through their veins. They all fulfill their assignments with joyful hearts. They have spiritual gifts that they gladly use to glorify GOD. They want for nothing but have everything in abundance for which they use to bring glory to GOD. Their hearts are never set on the things of the world but they use these things to glorify GOD in the way He tells them to. They are mighty warriors in GOD's Kingdom, gladly, joyfully and eagerly taking part in spiritual battle. They have godly wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment. They have keen spiritual sight and hearing. They have favor with GOD and man. They have great spiritual protection. No harm befalls them or their homes. Their homes and property are sanctified, consecrated unto the LORD. Their homes are under an open window of heaven, a cloud of anointing rains down on them, favor is wrapped around it, angels are encamped around about them, the blood of Jesus is on the grounds and over their homes properties and their homes and properties are built on the solid rock of Jesus. 

There is no rebellion, Judases, backsliders or deceivers in this bloodline. All receive salvation at an early age. They are made aware of their spiritual gifts, calling and purpose at an early age and all filled with, anointed and led by the Holy Spirit. They command attention when they walk in a room. They are 'different;' not of the world. Their hearts are bent towards GOD and full of His love. They are kind, generous, bold, courageous, have a calm confidence and compassionate. They hate sin and have a righteous indignation towards the bondage the enemy places on GOD's children. They fight in GOD's army because they have a supernatural love for GOD, that exceeds anything they can explain or comprehend.

Copyright © 2014 Tanny Garcia 

Hello! I am Alicia Garcia, but my close friends and family call me 'Tanny.' I was born in Fresno, California and have been a resident of Los Angeles since the age of five. Currently, I work as a school psychologist but have many other interests. They include counseling, public speaking and researching.
My passions include seeing people experience the love of GOD, because you can only experience Him for yourself to truly know how awesome He is. I have been drawn to start a blog for a few months now so in obedience to my calling here it is! Enjoy and may the seeds planted from them generate much fruit!
March 2014 - Lately the LORD has been speaking to me on defilement. He woke me up at 3:40 am one morning and I just began speaking against it. This was definitely the leading of the Holy Spirit!