Divine Partnership


The LORD bless and prosper you abundantly!

Last week during prayer we entered The Courts of Heaven for case preparation for our lawsuit against the demonic for the massive amount of wealth they stole in 2020. I ran up against a fear-based block and had to stop. As I meditated on that issue, Holy Spirit gave me Revelation of what I need to proceed. Today we'll continue advancing in this assignment to recapture stolen wealth for redistribution through The Kingdom of Yahweh.

Take note, Saints. When you have fears in the natural, they affect your progress in the spiritual. That makes sense, though. If you approach spiritual experiences afraid that you're hearing demonic entities instead of godly ones, you won't jump in when you get glimpses of other realms. When others share their spiritual experiences, you won't receive it, you'll doubt them and most likely declare them weirdy or crazy. Another thing to take note of: that makes it your issue, not theirs. Your fear, your lack understanding, lack of discernment and your unbelief in The Written Word limit your intimacy with The Godhead and their realms of operation. 

I know prosperity is offensive to many people who profess Christianity, but it didn't offend Elohim, The Creator of Wealth. Let's reason this out. The one deemed satan is not a creator, he perverts and destroys what has been made through Yeshua, The Son and our Messiah. So if satan didn't and can't create wealth - gold, silver, livestock, souls or anything else we trade - then it's not intrinsically demonic. If it had to be created, it was spoken into existence by Elohim (see Genesis 1 and John 1). If we believe Genesis 1 and John 1 that everything created came from The Will and Words of Yahweh Elohim, then wealth is good. 

That means its use or function is what determine whether there's agreement with The Spirit of Yahweh or with the demonic. Because humans use things, we determine whether something is godly or not. That means if you use wealth for wrong things, it's you that has allowed prosperity to be tainted and entered into agreement with darkness. If you are not using prosperity to further the kingdom of darkness, why does it offend you? Again, your offense, what angers or irritates you, is your issue and your issue alone. Godly anger lines up with The Will of Yahweh and is founded on Justice and Righteousness. If your anger produces Justice and Righteousness in the Earth, then it's legitimate. If the fruit is anything else, it's false.

We're praying in agreement with each other to recapture wealth in divine partnership with Yahweh. It is His Will in this season that the wealth of the wicked be recovered and placed into the stewardship of those who are in Covenant relationship with Him through Yeshua. We see in Exodus, during this same season - the time between Passover and Pentecost - that wealth transfer occurred for the Israelites as restitution for years of slavery. Worldwide in 2020, people's livelihoods were hijacked by those cooperating with darkness, and placing them in deeper slavery to unemployment, man-made institutions and governments. Yeshua came to set people free and you cannot be free when dependent on anything humanly manufactured for your well-being. 

I bless you in Yeshua's Name and decree you will submit to Him as Your Lord in addition to being your Savior. I bless your spirit with increased and insatiable hunger to grow in intimacy with Him, and I say you will no longer conform to this world but allow His Truth to renew your mind daily. I declare this all by faith in Yeshua and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen.