Double Seed Experiment


I like to prove The Word. I wish I could tell you I just believe everything the first time, but I don't. You don't either and that's why we're told faith comes by continually hearing The Word of God spoken out of our own mouths. And by praying in tongues.

My latest experiment was with God's Promise to give seed to the sower. In Isaiah 55:10 we read, "My Word is like the snow and the rain that come down from the sky to water the earth. They make the crops grow and provide seed for planting and food to eat." God told us in The Old Covenant that His Word is like seed and meant to be planted in our spirits. He confirmed His Word as seed to be planted in Jesus' Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13; Mark 4). The purpose of seed is to be planted to make more (multiplied) seed. In 2 Corinthians 9:10 we read, "He Who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness." I like this ... so I went after it in faith. 

In early June I wanted some money. I had $2 and that's not enough when I'm the heir of The King of the Universe. I have (you, too, saints) hundreds of Promises of provision from my Father and I'm not willing to settle for only $2 on any day. That's not who I am in Christ. I know The Law of Sowing and Reaping which can also be called The Law of Multiplication, so I did what I do. I sowed the $2.

If you have reservations about sowing such a small amount, you need to read My Money Grows on Trees: Sowing into Revelation and Wealth. I sowed my way out of homelessness with pocket change and now I sow a few $1000 seeds every year.

I wrote down my seed. For those who are new to my teaching, I've kept a seed journal since January 2013. The assignment I placed on the seed was that it be doubled so I could sow $4 next time. This seed was specifically for sowing. It wasn't tithe or for anything other than receiving more to give more. That's what the Promise of 2 Corinthians guarantees us - SEED TO SOW. I'm creating extra money just to give it away. If you're wanting increase because you need a bill paid or are sowing for a miracle or anything other than multiplication for giving, you should find a different Promise in The Logos. There are plenty to choose from. If you need help understanding this please ask.

Here are the results:
6.14.19 Sowed $2
6.22.19 Sowed $4; same assignment
6.23.19 Sowed $8
6.24.19 Sowed $16
6.28.19 Sowed $32
7.5.19 Sowed $64

I found $5 somewhere and sowed it with the same assignment, asking that it be multiplied so I could give double next time. To repeat: I'm not asking for multiplication for myself, I'm asking God to multiply my seed for sowing, for giving into The Work of The Kingdom. 

6.25.19 Sowed $5 for doubling
6.29.19 Sowed $10
7.1.19 Sowed $20
7.5.19 Sowed $40

Do you see where I'm going here? Multiplication. And it's happening fast. People say all the time they 'can't afford to give THAT much,' but it's only because they haven't made any effort. God promised to give seed to the sower, so if anyone truly desires to give, all they have to do is ask Him. He already said yes and Jesus' finished Work said amen!
​I started a third double-seed experiment just today. This one started with a $4 seed. Multi-pli-cation, multi-pli-cation (I'm singing this btw). 🤣

Notice that eight days passed between the first seed and the multiplication, but after I proved faithful and sowed again, the time between decreased. You may be thinking, "Who cares? I need money for me not to sow into The Kingdom." Well, actually you should. When you seek The Kingdom first you get everything else. Not only that, this is EXTRA giving on top of all of my other giving which means that I'm increasing to the point that my pocket change is $64 instead of $2. Wouldn't you like to have $64 as the change in the bottom of your purse? Or increase your overall giving? If you sow your extra change, it can be multiplied as often as you sow all or some of it.

Sowing and reaping does work to help get needs met, of course. This was just an experiment to prove that God would multiply my pocket change and He did. And still is because I'm still sowing it. 

I pray something here blessed you. Take care!

​From The Bakery © Copyright Zari Banks, Inc. 2019 

UPDATE 7.10.19: I sowed $8 as a doubling of the $4 seed I sowed yesterday. 

If you're wondering why I have different seed lines it's because Ecclesiastes 11 tells us to sow in various places, in the day and at night because we don't know which will harvest first. What matters is that if you're consistently sowing, you'll consistently reap. Witness.

UPDATE 7.13.19: I sowed the $128 that started out as a $2 seed back on June 14. That's better than any legal bank's interest or the stock market can produce because it's guaranteed return, not based on speculation. 

I'll be sharing about the 100-fold return soon, too. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 3.3.2020: I started another stream specifically for sowing with a $5 seed and it's doubling. Believe me this works! 

2.20.2020 sowed $5
2.28.2020 sowed $10
3.3.2020 sowed $20

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