Dream: Expanded Basement


Abundant blessings to you in Jesus' Name, loved ones!

​I'm here today to proclaim peace to you and the world by faith in Jesus Christ. For months I've had nothing but chaotic dreams, but things have turned. The Spirit of God indicated a week or so ago that a Window of Time for a season of peace was open to us. I'm not sure if you sensed that or heard anyone else decreeing it, but I did on a Monday morning prayer call and it's manifesting.

Today I had dreams that were colorful, calm and orderly. I praise God for that; it's been a while. If you're a constant dreamer and spiritually attuned and you experience weeks of dark, warfare dreams (like battle movie scenes over and over) you don't rest well at all. And allow me to point out that even though I've been having these types of dreams, showing what was taking place in the second heaven, I haven't been pushing doomsday prophecies. We war for peace and possession, Saints. The enemy doesn't just hand over what The Kingdom of God needs. Jesus said from the time of John the Baptist until now, The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12).

John the Baptist was a modern-day Elijah and in this statement Jesus told us that violence against The Kingdom has been happening since way back; it wasn't new to Him. Violence came in because of satan and has continued since then. Whoever the most violent are - whether for God (such as David) or satan (such as Hitler) - takes territory of this planet. One reason I teach is because we have to know that demons bring violence against us daily and we have to be violent in Jesus' Name against them (not people) to spread The Kingdom.

Watch this video if you haven't already.

Now to the dream. 

I was in the basement of my maternal grandparents' home. The three basement bedrooms were expanded, each had two beds made up beautifully with gold and black linens, queen size at least. The bathroom was gone and had become the third bedroom. The laundry room had decreased to barely enough space to walk in with the washer and dryer. I went into each room and marveled at how much space was there and that many people could be housed. Then I went into the laundry room grabbed something off of a cart right inside the door. When I took the unknown thing, something else fell off of the cart and I was trying to pick it up with hardly any room to move inside the space.

First, let me take you on a tour of the real house. 
The stairs from the main floor were on the far east of the house, facing south. You could only go right. The laundry room was a long space under the stairs with a door leading to the yard, so if you took an immediate right you'd go to the laundry. If you bypassed the laundry entrance, there was a table and chairs on the right against a bedroom wall. Then the bedroom door. Keep walking, turn right and there was a bathroom. Immediately left of the bathroom was the second bedroom. Passing the bedroom door was a large space where you would put your tv and sofa today, but actually had a bed there when I was young. Turning to head back to the stairs, you'd pass a chair and a loveseat. 

Second, let's identify the symbols.
1. house: represents the dreamer's life, family, etc. This was my maternal grandparents' home so it speaks of my past and ancestors. I spent a lot of time there when young. I have more memories of that house than I do of my own home.
2. basement: foundational or fundamental issues in life, one's past history, unseen or unrecognized part of the personality, the hidden heart, unexplored or untapped potential, talent or gifting, preparatory stages of one's ministry, accumulated past wisdom and experience, keeping reserved resources. The meanings above are a few from Billy Wong The Dream Interpreter (BWTDI) and there's a note in my book that I dreamed of this basement March 2017. I also used looked it up in The Divinity Code (DC) and for basement it lists hell, a person's heart, hiding place, depression, a place of the flesh. 
3. bed: God, heart, rest, warmth, alignment (double bed), intimacy, sickness, suffering, thoughts, there are more listed - DC. Privacy, secret, hidden identity, covenant or association, reproduction or multiplication (good or bad), one's roots, contentment, intimacy, Holy Spirit as Comforter, more listed - BWTDI.
At this moment I don't believe the laundry room scene to be important. It was really quick and I don't remember deets because I was already trying to interpret the expanded rooms while I was still partially asleep. 

Third, I'll provide some notes here, and then seek input from mentors.
In past dreams about this basement there was darkness, spiders and fear. When I was young I was afraid to go down there without someone else. This dream was bright and there was multiplication and increase - from 2 bedrooms to 3 and from one bed in each to two beds in each. The bathroom was gone. Bathrooms are for cleansing and deliverance. 

As I walked in each room I noted the linens were beautiful. One room had black and gold linens which reminded me of Egyptian decor. Very interesting. Egypt represents slavery, the world, false gods and worship, the past. It also represents wealth, building/creating and opportunity. Moses and Jesus grew up in and benefited from Egypt when they were young. In the dream I thought about increase and being able to house more people with two beds in each room. 

While basements can point to secrets and issues that need to be dealt with, I believe this is a dream showing the progress of deliverance. Gaining a bedroom is increase, an upgrade. Going from fear, spiders and darkness in the basement to brightness is a picture of deliverance. Increasing from one bed to two is a double portion, greater capacity and more intimacy. 
Most importantly, this house, and basement specifically, served as a transitional home to countless relatives over the years as they experienced issues of life. The thought that I could house even more speaks to me of bringing in multitudes of people to live in deeper relationship with The Godhead. 

What are you thoughts?