Engagements are Coming!


April 10, 2022 I was awakened out of a very exciting dream, loved ones. 

In the dream I was with a male friend and received a text message that one of my close friends got engaged. I read the text and turned to my left and said to him, "_________ got engaged!" 

Then, two days later I get a FaceTime from my sister from another mother. She was all boo'ed up, glowing and decked out. Boaz found her!

Her makeup was on point, she was wearing a fur, had on Gucci sunglasses. Her man was standing behind her, hugging her up,  knowing he'd found a good thing. He was cheesing from Sunday to Saturday and was so happy he couldn't stand still. He took her left hand and put it out so I could see her big ole ring. It was full view as if someone was filming them, not just a little face worth on a phone screen. This man was NOT playing. It was one of those 10-carat, Real Housewives rings, that don't make no kinda sense, y'all.

They were so happy. She said, "Zari, it's still August." And, her man added, "Still August." They were signaling more engagements are coming

They seemed already married, though it could've been an engagement. It was August and they were in a snow area at a ski lodge which meant they were most likely out of the United States. He had possibly taken her on a trip to propose or actually gotten married while traveling. See ... Boaz. 

Got your passports? 

I decree August is engagement month. I decree if you've desired to marry that your marriage stagnation is over, and it will be so. 

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Speak. Believe. Receive. 

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed