Exploring Heaven


Shalom, shalom, loved ones!

For today's prayer call, I was impressed to review some of the prophecies I've released over the last year. Here's a recap:

  • 5781 - August 29, 2021: Everything Done for His Glory Will Prosper (prayer call)
  • 5782 - October 17, 2022: Best Year of Your Life - If You Want it to Be (SY5782)
  • July 5, 2022: Wealth Transfer Activated (email)
  • August 9, 2022: At Hand to Perform The Word (email)

These prophetic words alone, not even including all of those in The Written Word, are enough to make us rich and keep us healthy. Saints, we have mega promises (2 Peter 1:4) from The Creator of the Universe that will give us abundant life and it's time we start warring intentionally with these words for manifestations (1 Timothy 1:18). 

Matter of fact, when I stepped into Heaven during today's call, I was told to war intentionally. The angel who met me talked to me briefly about having leveled up (I have and I need to testify about it 😀) and then said:

A: Great increase. Use your faith to secure your Promise.

Me: I will. Thank you. Any specific instructions for this week?

A: Get back on your morning worship. War with intention. Watch for a turnaround this week.

This is why I stay in Heaven's Realms, y'all! 'Cause I get what I need to live the abundant life Yeshua came to give me! With these kind of blessings spoken to me, I can move through life encouraged, full of faith, joyfully and in great expectation. 

The same is available to you. Step into Heaven (Ephesians 2:6) as often as needed because God has already provided every solution and every blessing you'll ever need to win. You only have to seek Him and believe to receive (Proverbs 3:5-6, Mark 11:24). 

In the word from 5781, Holy Spirit said, "The Realms of Heaven are ready to invade your atmosphere. Seek, explore ..." And, that's what we're doing! I didn't even remember that instruction was in the word, but praise God! My spirit remembered and so my course was set and I've been teaching others in The Body to explore Heaven to get what they need from God. We're always trying to bring God down to this low realm instead of ascending to His. It's time for us to stop attempting pull Him into this realm and live spirit first, from our positions seated with Jesus.

There are exploits to be done and territory to be taken. Let's go! 

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