Faith: How It's Made


Many of you may be familiar with the show, How It's Made (Science Network). It's a series that shows how products in our everyday lives are made. Well, I don't think there could ever be a show done on how faith is made. How can one make TRUST; how can one make BELIEF? There is no app for it; it is not auctioned off to the highest bidder. Yet there is a formula on how faith is produced ... faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

So what would faith sound like if we were to hear it speak to us ... maybe it would sound like this to you: "Your greater is coming." Maybe to another sounds like this, "Trouble don't last always!" To another your faith may be screaming, "Hold out until ... until ... until ... your change comes!" To yet another faith my sound like, "God said He would never put more on me than I can bear!" Maybe the faith statement you are hearing says in a whisper, "Things are going to get better, because the Word says the righteous will never be forsaken nor his seed begging bread!"

Your faith allows you to look past the giants and possess the land. The formula to how faith is made is in the book- in the FAITH BOOK - the Word of God. Faith is there even when we can't see it; we just have to TRUST AND BELIEVE.

As an endnote, when I looked up faith in my bible it said see also TRUST and BELIEVE!
The Word of God ... Like it on FAITH BOOK.

© Mechelle Stephens 2014

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Prophetess Mechelle Stephens, a native of Georgia, is the daughter of Patricia A. Peeks and the late John Willie Peeks. Prophetess Stephens accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of fifteen at New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Powder Springs, Georgia. Gripped by the continuous call from God and operating under the evidential anointing of God, Prophetess Stephens embraced her call to the Gospel ministry at age 37 and was licensed in 2002 and was later ordained in 2003 under the leadership and direction of her current Pastor Rev. A.L.Zollicoffer.

During her tenure at New Friendship, Prophetess Stephens has served in various capacities including: The Women's Department Assistant, Director of The Women's Department, Assistant Youth Pastor, Youth Pastor and now serves as the Director of Social Service Referral Program. Utilizing her gift in Administration, Prophetess Stephens has developed and implemented several ministries that have provided a much needed, targeted focus on our young men and young women, namely L.O.V.E (Ladies of Victory walking in Excellence), M.O.V.E (Men of Victory Walking in Excellence), the Junior Deacons Ministry and the Pool of Bethesda Recovery Ministry.