Fall Transition


I'm in transition. Again.

It's all good, though ... it's just a part of Kingdom Life. You probably can't find anyone in The Written Word who did big for Yeshua that wasn't often on the go from one adventure (season) to another. But I could be wrong so feel free to correct me. Especially people like me (teachers) who need to make sure it's right ... go for it; there's a comment section below just for y'all.I shared earlier this month that I'm looking for a new prophet room on the west side. If you need or want new housing yourself, praying that I get planted quickly is great seed for God to work on your behalf. Witness. I actually got a first look at the place I think I may be moving in November or December. Lord willing. He's got the big bucks so He's in charge. 😉

Last year at this time, Tam and I were gearing up for Rosh Hashana at GZI. God's new year begins next week which is early (to me) this year so I have to celebrate from wherever I am. It's gonna be so good, though. I'm going into a new year with a significantly more healed life timeline than ever before. It's on!

If you need your life timeline healed, come to #SY5779 in October. There's still time to register and get plane tickets and hotel. I asked for agreement from you readers a bit ago to make sure I got the best rates on the tickets I needed to buy for the conference, and our multiplication paid off big time. And the hotel, too! Thanks for that. That being said, if God did it for my company, He'll do it for you. Ask, get agreement, do your part and believe.

God has also been working some miracles for me lately. Some for real miracles. Impossible things becoming possible. It's exciting. I could barely sleep the past two weeks I've been so hype. And you know I gets hype! When the miracles culminate into something more, I'll share. But for right now, it's just big-little pieces that are stepping stones to something greater. I have a sense of what's to come, but you know Big G ... He always outdoes what we think, hope or imagine. Let's pray:

Lord God, Yahweh ... big praise, honor and glory to You. You are wonderful, awesome, amazing, beyond the human vocabulary to describe. We bless You. We value You. We trust You. Completely. Amen.

I pray God touches your spirit in a new and exciting way in the next couple days. Love y'all.

© 2018 Zari Banks, M.Ed