God flipped me. 

I was praying at 3:33 p.m. PDT Friday, October 12, 2018 and I asked Him a question according to Jeremiah 33:3. He answered immediately with one word, "Faith."

As soon as He said that, Holy Spirit flipped my faith switch to on and I've been barreling forward ever since.

No, faith isn't easy. There are circumstances, there are other humans we have to work around and with and there's everything else that's going on in the natural. BUT ... when you get the Word from God about what's needed to overcome and take possession, you've got a guaranteed victory ahead. I'm taking my promise. 

I can give God faith. I know how faith comes - by hearing. And hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing and hearing His Word. And anytime I begin to doubt, because things look wrong - or are actually going wrong, I just state the truth: 'God, You said all I need is faith to win here, and I have faith. No matter what, if You said faith is all it takes, this is mine for sure.'

I can give God faith. If that's what He wants, I can give Him that. Faith is simple. Not easy, but simple. I can rehearse the testimonies of His faithfulness in the past and increase my faith for now. I can plead The Blood of Yeshua against the enemy, who loves to state the obvious to me, and submit to God to get them to flee. I can listen to Kenneth Hagin every possible minute because his recordings are on YT. I can get faith to come. It does take work, but I can give God what He needs so that I possess this promise. I'm going to possess this promise. I have faith.

Whatever you're believing for right now, I pray you first seek The Lord for a strategy, and then work it in faith. Big faith. Huge faith. And possess all of your promises. I bless you in Yeshua's Name. 

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