Gift Activated


Shalom and Adonai bless you, Saints!

The fifth and final Marriage Courts of Heaven session is Thursday, July 28, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. I was on El Radio Impacto Tucson 90.1 yesterday morning as a guest on the Daughters of The King broadcast and I said, 'August is for engagements,' just as a by the way, not as part of my message. Afterward the producer pulled out her phone and shared a vision she had in January in which she saw the month of September with two wedding bands!! She was excited about the confirmation and so was I. The Spirit of God always confirms His Word with signs and wonders following. Hallelujah! Be encouraged and get ready, ladies and gentlemen!!

Before I left I prayed over the five women who were in the studio and Holy Spirit showed up to deliver words to each of them. If you've been on the Sunday prayer calls this month (replays are available), you know one week as we explored Heaven an angel said my prophetic gift was being activated in this season. It's been activated already, but I discovered a new portion of the gift is at work now.

I've never been one to give personal prophecies to everyone in a setting. But, yesterday I saw something for each lady as I anointed and stood before her to pray. It was fun. I don't remember the first young lady's word, but the producer is a seer and Ruach said that He was ramping up her ability to see and that He wanted to bring her up into The Realms of Heaven for encounters because she open to it and expectant.

Next lady I saw she had been giving and praying for financial release but the enemy had been speaking lies about what she was able to receive and I broke that off and released finances to her through The Courts. I saw big ministry endeavors for her and asked if she was a minister and she is a pastor! She's also pregnant and I saw her baby's angel in the womb keeping watch and speaking with the baby.

For the next woman I saw that she'd been seeking healing and The Father said to soak herself in The Word and healing is hers for the taking. She said she did need healing and had been meditating on the verses in Proverbs that speak about The Word being health to your body and bones. See, Saints, we're reading through Proverbs this month for great reason. Get some Wisdom. I also heard Divine Overturning for her.

Lastly, I saw Holy Spirit flooding the woman's home with His Presence. He was swirling around dancing, hovering as stated in Genesis 1:1. I said I didn't know what was going on in her house, but His Presence is there and as she worships it will explode. She later told me that someone messing around in the occult had been astral protecting into her house.

Holy Spirit spoke Grace, Grace, Grace, extraordinary favor over all of the women. Saints, please understand this: YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO BE FAVORED everywhere you go and in everything you do because of your Covenant relationship through Jesus. Abba WANTS to favor us, but Heaven meets OUR EXPECTATIONS. If you're not expecting favor, you won't live in a manner that commands it. It's not pride, which is ungodly and demonic. It's you expecting and living out your Father taking exceptional care of you because you're His child.

Think of this way: Naturally, you favor your kids over someone else's. Our Heavenly Dad is the one who came up with that dynamic because He favors His kids. I've learned to let Him be my Dad and He takes excellent care of me. Stop trying to be a grownup with Him and let Him be who He is - your Providing, Loving, Protecting, Instructing Father.

I bless you in Jesus' Name and authority and decree that as you continually seek The Kingdom first all of your gifts get activated and increase for the season ahead.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed