Glory Release


Shalom, shalom.

Tonight during prayer when I stepped into Heaven, Yeshua came by and reminded me of and asked if I was using the camouflage He'd released to me last month. I told Him I'd used it a couple times, but had forgotten about it. Then, He explained I need to use camouflage while I'm building in the spirit. You know ... when Yahweh gives us revelation of a strategy, weapon, etc., He does so for a reason and I should've given it more attention.

This little chat with Yeshua reminded of a dream I had yesterday in which a covenant friend was building in the spirit, so I shared this information with her. I dream of her often so we've obviously tapped into the same heavenly frequency for some specific Kingdom projects Yahweh has ordained for right now. What do you know ... she dreamed of me the same night. This is a demonstration of the importance of covenant and understanding it spiritually.

I taught a course titled 'Building in the Spirit' in 2016-18 that taught how to create what we want in our lives in the spiritual realm for birthing into the physical. I've learned a lot more about building in the spirit now so I may revisit that instruction with the upgraded revelation. If you're already familiar with building in the spirit, just add the use of camouflage to provide greater protection from interlopers, demonic watchers, saboteurs and the like.

Moving in stealth spiritually dumbfounds the enemy. They have no opportunity to cause problems or delays and when what you've built pops up naturally, all they can do is wonder how it got through without their detection. And that scores another win for our King and The Kingdom.

We (in the meeting) employed the camouflage, made some decrees and then I looked and saw a lot of activity and excitement in Heaven. No one was speaking to me, I just observed all the going and coming and as I thought (which is the same as speaking in Heaven), "What's going on?" I heard, "Glory release."

I come into complete agreement for a Glory Release in my spirit, soul, body, all of my realms, residence, family, bloodline, businesses, ministry, city, state, nation and the world in Yeshua's Name. I'm gonna be praying into and decreeing this because I wanna see it!

The Glory is where it's at. You can get healed in The Glory, delivered, receive supernatural weight loss, grow taller, regrow hair, lose your gray, have teeth fixed and so much more. You can step into Yahweh's Glory at any time, and if He's gonna release it, I want to be right there to get hit with the first blast when the shofar sounds.

Also, when I was running earlier today, I was doing some spiritual warfare in The Courts of Heaven and my spirit was pulled up while my body ran. This is normal; the more time you spend in Heaven, the more your spirit will take off at times. For the second time, though, when I came back and saw myself in the mirror, I had these perfectly straight lines of golden sweat down my face. It's totally weirdy and supernatural and is a response to being in Heaven.

Bringing evidence back from Heaven will increase as we continue to seek Yahweh and His Realms. Don't be surprised if you have something strange like this happen to you as you go home for visits. Matter of fact, you can expect it.

I bless you with increased capacity to build in the spirit, in stealth, and manifest with acceleration on Earth. Love you!

© 2023 Zari Banks, M.Ed