God Won Again


Today I'm praising God because I checked off another prayer need that was on my list for several years. Thank You, Jesus.

It was one of those prayer requests that was so tough and longstanding that I would focus on it for a bit, then let it go for a while. I'd actually kinda dropped it because it seemed so unlikely to manifest.

Then I matured to a new level of faith late last year and changed from a prayer request to a saying, a decree without regard to 'when will this happen' thoughts, to simply stating as a fact the deliverance was mine.

As often happens, I don't know when things broke in the spiritual realm and released the blessing because it was years and years and years of praying, but it's manifested and amazing and I just want to encourage you to keep believing for and speaking whatsoever you desire, for as long as it takes.

Get a faith buddy, if you can, but if you can't don't quit. To be honest, some things you need to faith into being are too God (big and impossible) for others to get on board. That shouldn't deter you from going after what you want when Jesus has handed you two stacks of blank checks (that's from a dream I had in 2014 and reviewed recently).

I'm taking it all by faith this year. You should, too. I bless you in Jesus' Name.