God's Provision


Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, loved ones! I pray you found things to thank God for today, even in the midst of circumstances that aren't ideal and more so if the enemy was battering you with loneliness, fear and despair.

After my last season of transition, I have a lot to be thankful for. I don't really have any ideal circumstances right now, but I have ignited faith so there are fantastic things in store. It's only a matter of time.

A memory came back to me a little a bit ago - a sweet one of God's provision - that sprung a well of great thanks in me. Four or five years ago I didn't have any money at Christmastime. This used to be a regular occurrence for me because December was one of the three months of the year the demonic cursed in my annual timeline. Praise God this is no longer true for me because I've sanctified December. Another something for me to be thankful for. 

Back to the memory. So several years ago I had no money, but Zayne and I prayed for some and God provided. Someone sowed either the 23rd or 24th. Thank You, Jesus! They actually tracked me down, met me somewhere around town without telling me what it was about. Then when we got together, they put the money in my hand and said, "God told me I had to get this to you today. I'm not sure why."

I wanted to get Z Disney Infinity for Xbox and Target had it on sale. I went to Target, but they were sold out, of course. Then I tried Walmart; they had it in stock, but it was more expensive than Target for the specific package I wanted. I looked at Walmart's website on my phone and they had the bonus package for lower than in the store, but it wasn't going to arrive by Christmas if I ordered it. 

I found an associate and asked why it was lower online, and they said it was no big deal, they'd honor the online price in store right then and there. I bought the game pack and some stocking stuffers and praised God for coming through once again. I have so many of these experiences with God coming through that it's easy for me to believe for financial provision. I have solid faith in that area because I give big and I reap what I sow. I have less faith in other areas, but I'm actively working to build my faith in this season.

What area is your faith completely solid? Healing? Provision? Salvations? Miracles? What areas do you need to build your faith? What are you doing to actively increase your faith?

To finish the memory. Late on Christmas Eve, Z went and looked under the tree and was sad there was nothing there. I said I was sorry, I didn't have any money. He said it was ok, but was also teary-eyed. When he finally went to bed I put the video game under the tree. When he awoke in the morning and saw the game he was so excited. And it wasn't even big excitement about the game. The game was a whopping $40 or less and he had it beaten in two days. I, however, got stuck on some level and quit. It was excitement about not being forgotten or left out. And of witnessing God come through once again.

I shared this with Zayne today. He remembers. There have been Christmases past where he's gotten bikes, a Wii and loads of presents. But one he remembers is one where he only received one because of the way it was given to him. That's a sweet memory we have with God, and I love celebrating it.

Do you have any Christmas memories of being in need (or want, because honestly this was a want situation) and God providing? I'd love to celebrate His love for you just as you're celebrating His love for me by reading this testimony. You may post them in the comments or email me at zaribanksinc@gmail.com.

Also, I'm writing my letter to God (because Santa's not real, although his story is jolly) Sunday 11.25.2018. And this year I'm extending an invitation to you to write one to Him as well. You know what goes in a 'wish/want' letter; whatever you're praying for so I'm not giving you a template. You can mail them to me at Zari Banks, P.O. Box 2001, Pasco, WA 99302 so that I can pray over them. I won't open your letter unless you indicate it's ok to open on the envelope. Keep a copy for yourself so you can water it and keep believing ... and see the progress over the year.

I have to dig out my letter from last year and see what all God's done for me over the last 12 months. Overall it's been a really good year ... a lotta warfare, but some big deliverance battles were won. Stuff that plagued me for years has been overcome. That's a testimony.

Two more things. First, I got a head's up that I'm either in or about to enter ANOTHER season of transition. 🙄 It's not that I mind transition 'cause I know there's good on the other side ... but I want a knocked out Cesarean where I wake up with a baby in my arms and no pain around the scar if you get my meaning. I realize God's not down with a no-growth transition, though, so I'll be praying and praying and praying as I push.

Second, December has a 20-day window of destiny reconciliation and I'm going to lead a prayer group. If you'd like to join, it's gonna cost ya - $2 to $5. But it's worthy seed going into fertile soil. I guarantee it.

Big blessings to you today and every day. Yeshua reigns!

© 2018 Zari Banks, M.Ed