Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Zaria! 🥳

I stepped into Heaven at midnight to give thanks for another year and they had balloons, confetti and a line of people clapping and celebrating me. It was a lovely surprise and a wonderful encounter. The balloons and confetti were supernatural. There were strings on the balloons, but they stayed in the air without being held and didn't float away. The confetti didn't land on me or the ground and no visible person was throwing it, but it was moving as if someone was.

In the line of people who greeted me were an aunt, uncle and cousin from some prior generation who had already graduated to Heaven. I look forward to meeting them again some other time. I was asked who I wanted to meet and I couldn't decide, so I just went to be with Abba. We hugged and I thanked Him for another birthday. We sat down to talk. I leaned on Him and just enjoyed being there. He said, "I'm about to give you away."

Wow! The first thing I said was, "I agree with that in Jesus' Name." Then, me being me asked if I could have a favor. He said, "Sure." Loved ones, our Dad doesn't say NO. He knows what we're gonna ask before we ask it anyway. If He would have to say no, He'd send angels to influence us for righteousness and remove the desire from our hearts so we didn't want something He'd have to deny. I asked for a 'nice' wedding ring (Matthew 21:22).

I love my birthdate - 7.26. Seven is the number of completion and perfection. Two is agreement, Jesus, double portion and six is the number of man. Two plus six is eight which is new beginning and circumcision to The LORD. My birthdate speaks of a wonderful Destiny and a perfect new beginning. I'm honored to be in covenant with Yahweh Elohim so I can live out the glorious life He imagined for me from before the foundations of the world.

Blessings in abundance in Yeshua's Name.

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