Healing Testimony


Good morning Zari,
I wanted to send you a hand written thank you note to express our sincere gratitude for praying with us. But I couldn't wait that long for you to receive it through snail mail. I wanted you to get this right away.

There are not many people that you can call on in the morning before day who will drop whatever they are doing and agree with you in prayer. I was praying for my husband in the hospital and I heard Holy Spirit speak your name. I was almost afraid to call because we have never met in person and I didn't know if it was ok. I heard your name again. So I called. Thank you for answering our call. Thank you for praying and thank you for speaking the word ONLY!!!!!

My husband was released from the hospital yesterday. Praise God! Hallelujah!!!!! 

We are believing God for complete healing and restoration of his kidneys, we are believing God that his creatinine and bun levels are normal. We are believing God that his heart is completely healed with no signs of congestive heart failure. We are believing God that his B/P is normal stabilized and the perfect 120/80. We know that Kevin is ALREADY healed.

The doctors want us to prepare for him to go on dialysis but the devil is a liar!!!!

We are covenant people who know and understand our rights as born again believers. We know that Jesus took every sickness, disease and infirmity on His body so that Kevin would have ONLY healing and health on his body. We know our authority as believers. We have prayed according to the word of God. We know that God has heard our prayer. We know that healing is ours. We believe we received it when we prayed. And now we thank God for manifested healing in Kevin's body.

May Grace, Peace, Mercy and Favor run you over and overtake you. May you forever walk in the Shalom of God. May you know only goodness all the days of your life. May God keep you from the evil of the present day and not let it hurt you or grieve you or your family. May your seed be mighty upon the earth. May every seed you've planted yield a 100 fold return harvest. May you love life and see only good days.
Blessings & Agape,
6/6/14 (unedited)