Heights of Faith


So then Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by The Word of God. - Romans 10:17
Last night asked Dad if I could activate acceleration in this season. There are things I want without them taking 18 months of Faith building to manifest. I asked Him to send some people to agree with me for acceleration. 

Today during worship The Spirit of God said,
"If you desire acceleration, decree it from The Heights of Faith." 

I saw a quick vision of someone standing on a green, grassy hill, hand up to their mouth ready to yell.

The Heights of Faith. The Lord's so poetic; sometimes I giggle at how He words things. Meditating on this phrase and contrasting it with a basic statement to, "Have Faith," I get it why He said it this way.

We have moments when our energy level is high, our hopes are high, etc. when we feel everything's possible. So, He was saying when my Faith is high, I'm to decree acceleration. Can I build Faith for acceleration? Yes! Amos 9:13 tells us, "Look! The days are coming, declares The Lord, when the one who sows will overtake the harvester and the treader of grapes will overtake the planter." That's the verse I'll hear and hear to build Faith for acceleration, and when my Faith is high, I'll decree it!

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