Thank you for your diligence in prayer, honor for Jesus and fear of The Lord, Saints.

Assignment #7 has us interceding for an outpouring of Holy Spirit to spread through Hollywood and the movie industry. As I look over the previous assignments I see some of The Father's Strategic Plan unfolding. Each assignment builds on the ones before. The first assignment was the spark to get a group praying and I'm honored and excited that He's still speaking and leading on where to focus on next. 

I remind us that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood; ours is a spiritual battle and it's fought and won behind the scenes. The Father and Yeshua are on The Throne in Third Heaven (The Highest Heavens), the demonic reigns from second heaven and the first is a part of our natural realm and up. 

It's our work to close demonic gateways into the natural realm and open godly portals that loose angels to assist in performing God's Will in our lives and Nation. Continually magnify The Name of Jesus. It's The Name Above Every Name at which all others must bow. The Lord showed me in a vision during my Monday morning prayer call a few weeks back that when we lift up The Name Jesus, it forms a canopy over our personal lives and as we agree for this country, the canopy extends to cover the land. In the vision it looked like white parachutes with JESUS typed on each popping up all over the cities, counties and states as our protection.  

Hollywood, a prideful organization, has exalted itself to be worshiped by people. No one deserves our worship but Yahweh. These are people, not miracle workers, who are oftentimes covenanted to the demonic to gain success. 

The Lord said we will have no gods before Him, He's jealous for us and He doesn't play with the sin of pride. Ask His former employee, Lucifer. Hollywood is nothing if not prideful; and the world throws money at them as if they're fertile soil and they're not in most cases. We're reaping what we've sown all over this Nation and it's time we began sowing to The Spirit instead of to the flesh. 

Heavenly Father, I confess and repent of idolizing people in any realm of life. I repent of spending more time and money on entertainment than communing with and serving You. I repent of knowing more about celebrities or influential people than I do about Your Written Word and things of The Kingdom. I repent for every time I've chosen someone else over You. As a citizen with legal authority, I confess and repent on behalf of The United States of America, too. These sins are nailed to The Cross of Christ, covered by His Blood and the enemy can no longer use them to accuse me or this Nation. I receive Your forgiveness and thank You for cleansing me and this country of all unrighteousness.

In Jesus' Name and Authority given me by Blood-Covenant Relationship, I decree I and my nation have no other gods before Yahweh. You are The One True God and we worship You only.

I bind all demonic alters and high places that men have built to offer worship to satan through Hollywood and humankind in any business. I decree demonic worship unlawful in my life and in this country. 

In Jesus' Name I smash sacred stones and tear down asheroth poles. I bind cult prostitution and all idols from this land. 

I bind every demonic agenda operating in Hollywood and decree it unlawful to function against The Plans and Purposes of God Most High.

I arrest monetary supply lines that flow through Hollywood and decree those funds are redistributed to those who serve Elohim, spread The Gospel and care for the poor, orphans and widows.

I loose an outpouring of Holy Spirit into Hollywood and entertainment and ask The Lord of The Harvest to send out workers to gather in this season. 

I say Hollywood submits to God or is removed in Jesus' Name. I loose angels to go defend my covenant prayer, to destroy the enemy and release The Fear of The Lord upon the land.

I declare this all by Faith in Jesus Christ The Messiah and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen.


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