How to Actively Resist


This is the follow-up post to Submit and Resist.

Shalom, loved ones. Adonai bless you.

You actively resist anything from the enemy (anything you don't want in your life) by saying, 'NO.' Simple, right? I can hear the but, but, buts in the spirit. Again, that's soul, not spirit. Our human spirits are directly connected to Holy Spirit and can do anything we need. Especially resist defeated foes.

If something is attempting to manifest in your life that you don't want, submit to God and resist by saying, 'absolutely not!' You aren't required to take everything that comes to you. You have to make the choice of what to accept or not and be fully persuaded that your voiced decision will stand.

When a pain comes on my body, I tell it to go away. Yesterday, matter of fact, I woke up with back pain, so I got up and ran a kilometer on the treadmill. I did it to resist the pain. I let my body and the enemy know that I would not be stopped by something I don't have to put up with. Throughout the day if I felt anything I told it to stop. Then, when I went to bed last night I gave my body instructions. I said, "You're going to sleep all night, 7-8 hours, without waking up even to go to the bathroom, and you'll sleep in a way that there won't be pain in the morning."

I'm up. I slept well, feel great and would've made it 7 hours if a 5 a.m. text hadn't awakened me. No matter; I have what I say. I actively resisted pain so that it knew it couldn't remain in my body and I exercised authority and dominion over my life so it couldn't return.

Will this work for you? Yes, if you work it. You have control over your life realms and you exercise that control by what you say. Yahweh Elohim granted us a voice-activated universe. Speaking was primarily used for creation (Genesis 1:3) and secondarily for communication. When you speak, you're creating your life and what happens in it.

Review Genesis 1:3, Job 22:28, Proverbs 18:21, Mark 11:23 and Hebrews 11:3.

Let's say you have a bill coming up that you can't pay in the natural. DO NOT SAY, 'I can't pay this.' Don't even think it. And, if you slip and do think it, cast it down immediately and put it on The Cross and under The Blood. If you take that thought of lack, fear has been standing waiting with its suitcase and will come pick a room in your house so they can be with you for a season. Or longer.

Tell the bill: Ha! You're paid in full because Yahweh Yireh is my Source!

The spirit of lack will probably talk back to you: You've got $17 in the bank and this bill is $400. It's not paid.

You tell lack and the bill: Thanks for reminding me. Seventeen dollars isn't enough to go out to eat, so I may as well sow it and let God multiply it back to me. Ha! And, this country's in a season of famine, so I call for the 100-Fold Return. Ha!

That dumb demon will head out pretty quickly if you resist. If they don't get the desired reaction from you they'll move on. When you resist, they're weakened and get thrashed by other demons. You reap what you sow and satan sowed rebellion to start his kingdom so there's always rebellion, fighting and usurping among demons. They bring chaos into your life because they have a chaotic existence.

Resisting what you don't want is your responsibility. This is not something God does for you. He gave you a mouth to create and dominate your life realms. You are dominating or being dominated by your choice of words. And, your words are the fruit of what you believe (Luke 6:45).

Will the demons flee the first time you resist? Yes. Isaiah 55:11 tells us The Word doesn't return void. The Word instructs us to submit, resist and the result is they flee. As long as you stay in that Word - submitted and resisting - they must flee. You may have to say it six times before the issue goes, but it's worth it. If you know The Godhead well enough to trust Them, you won't back down. If it's something like cancer, you may have to resist multiple times a day for two months. But, as I said before, you can dominate and tell your body regularly, "Body, you don't take any sickness or disease. I don't give you permission to be unwell."

If you take this Wisdom to spirit, your life will change. Witness. Stop taking (accepting) things just because they're presented to you. Believe God, follow the instructions and win.

I bless you in Jesus' Name and Authority.

© 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed