I Got What I Said


Jesus wasn't lying in Mark 11, y'all. 

I've known this 'forever,' but when you say something, believe it, get it and it's not the IT you really wanted you do a Homer Simpson. Doh!

Believe Me when I tell you when anyone says to a mountain, 'Get up and throw yourself into the sea,' and doesn't doubt in spirit, soul and mind, but believes what they've said will happen, whatever they said and believed will actually happen. 

~ Mark 11:24 ZBR*

I wrote in my Creation List (click here or photo above to view video) something I wanted to speak into (manifest) this natural realm from the spiritual realm. What do I mean? I mean that Genesis 1:26 tells me that human men and women are created in Elohim's Image and Likeness. So, as a human woman I look similar to Them as opposed to having the appearance of a giraffe or pelican, and I'm like them in characteristics and abilities. They speak to create, and being LIKE Them, I speak to create. 

Words have power. Whether you believe or not, it's Truth. Truth with a capital because it's a Yahweh Elohim established Truth that's been woven into everything from the cosmos to quantum particles. What are you reading right now? WORDS. Words that are triggering understanding and faith for some, offense and hostility for others. Think about all the times you were called a moniker you didn't like? Made you mad, didn't it? That's Word Power. Think about the times you were told you'd fail. You either agreed and internalized that judgment or you countered it with words that you would succeed. Look back over your life. What you've declared (spoken) in the past is what you're living today.

When I was in crisis in 2011 and I sought deliverance, Holy Spirit told me straight up, no nonsense, with no babying, my mouth, meaning my words, accounted for a big portion of the mess I was in at that time. I was simply harvesting the fruit of my own words and declarations about things not working out for me (Genesis 8:22; Isaiah 55:11, Mark 4:14, Galatians 6:7). For example, losing custody of my son was partially the result of my words. I'd often made the declaration that I wished I'd never met my ex. Well, my ex was my son's father. No father, no son. 

What I didn't know in 2011, even after having been saved since age seven and growing up going to church, that words released on Earth by us occupy space in the spiritual realm and can be heard by workers of darkness who then come into agreement with negative words, write contracts and gain legal access to our lives to harass us. So, while I'm saying stupid stuffs like I wish I'd never met him, an enemy took those words - maybe not the first or second time, but I kept saying it - and took me to court in the spiritual with accusation of not wanting my son with my own words as evidence. What happens in the spirit follows in the natural so I ended up in natural court and lost custody of my son.

I know there are churches in the world who would say that's not possible. That deception comes from not believing The Bible because these concepts are written about in Isaiah and in The Psalms just to name two; both books have sections on demonic contracts. Read. And get a translation that you understand. And a concordance. And, AND pray and mediate while you read and after so Holy Spirit can give you Revelation. 

Back to getting what I said. I'm preparing to rewrite my Creation List because so many things have already manifested and it's getting difficult to read. Well, The LORD brought to my attention that I didn't need to continue decreeing an item because it had already manifested. I thought about it, and, yes, it has BUT. First, I thank Jesus that He brought this to my attention so I can correct it and get on track to receiving what I really need and want. I was about to go into whine mode pleading to get this thing into the natural realm and seeking the source of the delay, and come to find out it's my own fault it hasn't manifested according to my desire.

Here's what I did. I wrote that I wanted something and now I have it. I've had it since March, but to use for a season and not my own. This is temporary and has to be returned at some point. I want my own. But according to my declarations from the past six months or so regarding this item, I have exactly what I said. By my own words I said I wanted daily access to this and I have it. I didn't specify ownership. 

This Revelation brought to mind things in the past that I may not have paid as much attention to, such as before I started the Creation List, and also other people who tell me they've decreed 'it' for a long time and it hasn't happened. Are you sure? First, Yeshua said we have to believe what we're saying in spirit, soul and mind. Second, we have to say it. So, if you have things that haven't manifested for you yet, take a look at your belief and then determine if you were specific or if you left the manifestation up to interpretation with a spotty declaration (like I did). 

If you don't know Jesus intimately, you may label this as Name It and Claim It, but The Truth is we all have 100% fruit of the words we speak and believe down to the core. That's Bible. It's time to get honest with yourself and decide if you really believe.

The Power of Life and Death is in your tongue activated by the words you speak, and you will live and die by those words. ~ Proverbs 18:21 ZBR*

I bless your spirit with Holy Spirit boldness to believe in whole The Written Word of Yahweh, which is made flesh in The Person of Yeshua. I decree increased hunger and thirst for His Presence that overtakes the fear of the unknown. I decree you come into the understanding of what it means to have your whole being in Him. I declare this faith in Yeshua and seal it by Holy Spirit. Amen.

*ZBR = Zari Banks Remix

© 2021 Zari Banks, M.Ed