Adonai bless and prosper you, Saints!

We have another intercessory assignment. Monday, July 18, 2022 I saw the name 'Inslee' in a dream. I didn't see or hear anything other than his last name, and I said, "Jay Inslee ... what is he doing now?

If you're a dreamer, you may have also experienced yourself talking to your dreaming self. I do that more regularly now. I feel partially awake and respond so that I recall an important portion when I wake up. Not sure if my responses are out loud or only in the dream, though. Yes, that type of weirdy stuffs happens in dreams. 

Speaking of dreams, my Dream Training Academy meets this Thursday, July 21 at 5 p.m. Pacific/8p.m. Eastern. If you've already registered, I sent you an email with the schedule for the next 3 months. If you received an invitation to join, respond to that email and I'll get you access. 

Inslee is Washington State's governor and he's been there too long. He's been making bad decisions for citizens for a while - especially overtaxing. He signed a pact with Oregon and California to stick together against Trump when he was president. And, if you recall the Chaz/Chop takeover was in downtown Seattle in Summer 2020 where three people were killed. In a televised press conference, after the criminals had taken over several blocks and had the police on the run, he said he wasn't aware of what was going on. Washington is separated West and East by mountains; the west is submitted the liberal world agenda and the east is majority conservative, but also less populous. So basically, the West makes decisions for the whole state led by a governor who idolizes Gavin Newsome and just doesn't appear very intelligent, in my opinion. Well, anyone who sets himself as an enemy of The God of the Creation is foolish.

I've heard several prophets release words about God judging governors. The good thing is that Inslee is now one of the governors on Yahweh's radar and I'm thankful. I have two corporations registered in WA State, I was born and raised there, my parents and other loved ones are there and the people need and deserve better than a new-world-order Newsome lackey. Since Holy Spirit didn't tell or show me anything specific, I just have to pray with basic Wisdom and in tongues for about/for Inslee. 

Let's agree as the active Ekklesia:

Father, we love You. We thank You that You're concerned about our government leaders and have a plan to bring justice, restoration, freedom and peace to Your Covenant Nation - The United States of America. 

In Jesus' Name, we lift up Washington State Governor Jay Inslee to you. We forgive, bless and release him for all harm and detriment he's caused while in office. We ask for awakening angels to be sent to him that will lead him to revelation and repentance. As The Lord of the Harvest, You know exactly what he needs to experience to make the decision for Jesus. We loose The Prophetic Word of The Lord into his realms without question that it came from You and The Fear of God that causes him to heed it. We decree Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on Earth in Jay Inslee's life and political career now in Jesus' Name. We seal this all by faith and by Holy Spirit. Amen. 

If you feel led to pray further into this assignment, please pray in your prayer language.

Holy Spirit, I submit my tongue and spirit to you to pray perfect prayers through me that prophesy your will for Jay Inslee into the Earth realm, that agree with Jesus' intercession for him and that loose angels into their assignments with excellence. I ask for interpretation according to your perfect will and purpose in Jesus' Name. 

Set your timer for 3, 7, 15, 30 minutes or an hour to intercede in service to our King and country.


ⓒ 2022 Zari Banks, M.Ed