It's Time to Move


It came in the form of an email. A 30-day notice that I must vacate the home that Noah and I lived in for 2 years. A home that GOD had abundantly blessed us with. But in thirty days we were expected to find another home, pack, move and relocate. My initial response was shock. I sat for a moment trying to gather my bearings. I did not immediately respond to the email. I wanted to be certain of what my next step should be. So, I ran to GOD. Oh, and I wrote a blog post about it (Earthquake shift).

My friend, sometimes GOD ruffles our nests to tell us it's time to fly. The work we have done in that situation, location, ministry or vocation is complete and He has need of us elsewhere. However and whatever form this ruffling takes the initial response is usually shock, fear, disappointment or anger. We may even dig our heels in and say 'no' refusing to seek GOD's heart, thoughts and will on the matter. But, my friend the ruffling is for your good and a necessary step to fulfilling your godly purpose (Romans 8:28).

One thing I've learned in my walk with GOD is that He is a God of movement. Even at times when it looks or feels like He's not moving GOD is definitely on the move (Isaiah 55:8-9). One could never accuse Him of being stagnant. In fact, stagnation is your enemy. According to the dictionary stagnant is defined as showing little or no sign of activity; not developing, advancing or progressing. And it causes you to stop when you should be moving, settle when you should be conquering, and relax and drop your guard when you should be focused and vigilant. We are to continually seek to grow closer to GOD; moving from glory to glory, striving to always be within His will and pressing to reach new heights in Him.

My friend, has your nest been ruffled? Was it in the form of a lay-off or foreclosure? Or perhaps it was changes in ministry, finances, relationships or location. Change is uncomfortable. Oh, trust me. I know. It is indeed venturing into the unknown where the outcome is uncertain. But what is certain is that GOD has gone before you (Deuteronomy 31:8). Your experiences and life events do not take Him by surprise because His eyes are never off of you (Psalm 139). Our GOD never sleeps or slumbers (Psalm 121:3-5). He promises that where you are heading will work out for your good (Romans 8:28) and He will guide you through the unfamiliar and unknown (Isaiah 42:16, Jeremiah 33:3).

So, let's welcome the changes and resolve to move forward (Luke 9:62, Isaiah 43:18-19, Philippians 3:12). Let's make the giant leap of faith from the familiar, comfortable and safe into the unknown, obscure and uncomfortable knowing that GOD is there. He is standing there with His hand extended, beckoning you forward. I don't know about you but I'm ready to put my hand in the strong and secure hand of Almighty GOD. Holding tightly to Him, I am ready to walk confidently, securely, and expectantly into the glorious, extraordinary and awe-inspiring future He has predestined just for me. And all with my eyes held lovingly and assuredly on Jesus knowing that He will navigate me to where He has need of me next. How about you? Come on, my friend take His hand. It's time to move ...

I hope this message truly blesses you. I see you surrendering all fear and doubt as you take a leap of faith that will surely move you toward the spectacular future GOD has prepared for you. Your faith is pleasing to Him and I am ever so excited for you because you are placing yourself in the perfect position to receive His absolute best.

Copyright © 2014 Tanny Garcia

Once again I have the honor of hosting God's Warrior Princess, mom, blogger and aspiring author, Tanny Garcia.