It's Wedding Season


This morning as I was waking up and coming out of a dream, someone asked me, "Are you buying toys?" I replied, "No, it's wedding season."

This was kind of odd. I don't know if it was attached to the dream I was having or if it this snippet happened specifically so I would remember it when fully awake. Holy Spirit does that often. He makes sure what I need to remember takes place immediately before waking. Funny thing is: I think I said those words aloud. Not completely sure. You know how the dream realm can be. 😆

Anyhoo. That's exciting for those speaking marriage for themselves right now. Therefore, I decree with authority, as a member of the active Ekklesia of Messiah Yeshua: 

                                                      IT'S WEDDING SEASON!

I further decree that if you desire marriage in this season, you will not be put to shame.

If this is something you desire, I invite you to sow into this word to activate covenant. You only need two pennies sown as seed demonstrating your faith. No pressure, of course. If we're already in covenant, I agree with you for the marriage you desire.


© 2023 Dr. Zari Banks